Some emails have > on every line

  Graham. 10:12 02 Apr 2011

Vista, Windows Mail. This seems to happen when they are sent by iphone. I often have to copy the contents and back-spacing the >'s takes a long time.

Anything known, please?

  961 14:45 02 Apr 2011

> is usually a sign of forwarded e-mails from my experience

Are these e-mails retransmitted somewhere along the line?

  kidsis 14:59 02 Apr 2011

this actually happened to me when e mails were sent from a particular person. When I mentioned it, this person was very rude and said it was a fault with my settings. So, I asked my ISP what I could do. The reply was that there was nothing wrong with my settings, it was the sender and I should ask the person to change their settings. As I can't be doing with rude people I left it, and surprise surprise within a few days further e mails were back to normal. I don't know anything about I phone but it must be that person's settings.

  Graham. 15:10 02 Apr 2011

Yes, they are forwarded to me. I wonder if this is relevant "These pictures were sent with Picasa, from Google" at the bottom.

Just noticed, this latest one is not from a mobile, it's from an email address on a website.

  uk-wizard 15:13 02 Apr 2011

If a e-mail is formated and sent as text then this can happen. Change your setting to text and see if that cures it. You might have to change fron text back to HTML to see others correctly.

  lotvic 15:16 02 Apr 2011

Don't know about Windows Mail or iphone, but in Outlook Express | Tools | Options | Send tab | Plain Text Settings, you can alter what the original text is indented with when replying or forwarding. > is one of the options.
It may or may not have some relevance.

  Graham. 15:20 02 Apr 2011

I tried 'Read all messages in plain text' but the > were still there.

  VoG II 15:37 02 Apr 2011

You could try this click here

  Graham. 15:59 02 Apr 2011

Thanks, that gets rid of them. Be better if I could prevent them from appearing in the first place.

  VoG II 16:11 02 Apr 2011

That is a setting on the sender's e-mail client, as has been said before.

  Graham. 17:12 02 Apr 2011

All the emails affected are forwarded by the same person. Most of her emails do not have this problem, but she wouldn't know how to change things.

Is it possible the fault lies in the original message, making it that senders fault?

I've replied to this one asking her to check.

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