some advise and guidance for you; please read

  p;3 13:03 26 Oct 2005

from following a thread in this section; I am wondering if members are running with adequate protection and know what the programs on your pc are meant to do; do you have up to date antivirus protection on your machine,and do you know what the programs you have on your pc are meant to do;if you need advise about what you have on there, or think you have on there, then please post a thread in this section to ask ;or whether any programs might clash with one another ; you may not have what you think you have , or the programs may not do what you think they do; if you need guidance on any of your programs, please just ask by creating your own thread, and members will gladly point you in the right direction for appropriate programs and show you how to sort them for you ; thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:36 26 Oct 2005
  p;3 20:02 27 Oct 2005

fruitbat"s posting has some interesting links in it that you may find helpful; do ask for help if you have problems with any programs or are unsure of their usefullness or what they are supposed to do:))

  uisquebeathus 13:12 29 Oct 2005

Has anyone tried Ewido?
its an alround antivirus/trojan/spyware tool its faster than any i have tested before, it finds and cleans out a lot more.

  Strawballs 22:15 29 Oct 2005

A word of advise! I recently went to a friends house because they were complaining that their PC was running "SLOWLY" that was an understatement 5 min from clicking on start to the menu coming up. I noticed that the security centre was advising that the antivirus definitions were out of date so I asked them if it had been like that long they said about six months. so the first thing I did was to go home and download adaware onto disc and returned to their house and rebooted into safemode and mnaged to install and run it, it picked up over 500 criticals and deleted them.
I then rebooted and things were running a lot faster and I could then use their bt broadband connection to download AVG antivirus which also detected and healed countless. the problem is now that they have files missing that some of the virus es have managed to delete and I noew cannot access things like system restore or worse of all smart restore to fix the file problem as the machine did not come with a disc for windows only a partion which is now unaccesable my next move will be to phone the manufacturer and ask for a disc.
If this does not prompt people to keep their antivirus and anti spyware up to date then I don't know what will

  griffon 56 16:03 30 Oct 2005

Unless a person takes what for many would be a deep interest in computers and their workings, they have no option but to rely on statements they see accompanying their Security software, and from that a person might easily get the impression that, once loaded, the software protects ad infinitum. I hear remarks like, 'There's no way you are going to get me to know anything about the insides of that thing', and so on. The computer has not yet reached the level of most cars, where there is no longer a need to get under the bonnet or chassis and listen with a screwdriver or hard stick in your ear, pressed against the cylinder block, for wear in the bearings. Most people just want to use the thing, and the arcane world of malware protection just passes them by. No wonder there are so many reports of infections.

If any total novice out there would like a list of over 100 useful websites all gathered by browsing the PCA Helproom, all safe to log-on to and most containing free downloads of security software which is safe and easy to use, please click the yellow envelope and I'll email it to them.

  martjc 09:35 31 Oct 2005


  Strawballs 22:26 31 Oct 2005


  p;3 22:40 31 Oct 2005

do you know what the programs on your pc are meant to do? dont be afraid to start your own thread to discuss a program ; I discovered from my recent following of a thread , that the member really did not know what his programs really did do; dont be ashamed or afraid to ask about ANY program:)

  p;3 06:12 17 Dec 2005

have a look

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