some advice on second hard disk

  *Silver*Hawk* 16:42 08 Mar 2005

Hi all, I managed to get another 80gig hard drive on top of my other 80 gb hard drive and the new one is set to slave. What I don't get is this, I just want it to be a big drive and I can drag things into it etc. I loaded up disk management and it said convert the new disk to a dynamic disk, the thing is I dont know if I need to or not, but I have converted it and now I am formatting it as ntfs. So am I doing the right thing? Or can I somehow convert it back to basic. I really dont get all the jargon about extended partitions, primary partitions and logical drives. Help please. Thanks.

  *Silver*Hawk* 16:43 08 Mar 2005

sorry, I also wanted to say what the difference between a partition layout and a simple layout was as that is what the new drive is shown as. (simple layout)

  rawprawn 17:16 08 Mar 2005

When it is converted to ntfs right click and select mark partition as active, simple layout should be fine for what you want. Once it is showing as Healthy active you can drag and drop all you want

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