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  €dstowe 10:44 31 Jul 2006

Almost every day there are posts from people in desperation because they have lost or mislaid the CD/DVD containing their operating system, some essential software or a product key of which they are in urgent need.

Please, folks, keep all of your important things (disks, documentation, product keys etc.) in a VERY safe place after you've loaded them and, more important, remember where that place is.

What I do, and I know some people disagree with this, is to place all the disks and documentation relevant to a particular machine in an envelope inside the case. I also ensure that the product key for the O/S is actually attached to the case as the Microsoft conditions of use dictate it should be.

  vinnyT 10:53 31 Jul 2006

What's the melting/warping point of a cd-rom?

Hope your case is well ventilated.

<PS the above was said tongue in cheek>

  pj123 12:50 31 Jul 2006

I have an old 5.25 (lockable)floppy disk box with a key.

All my relevant motherboard/install/OS CDs are kept in there.

All I've got to do now is lose the key.

  €dstowe 14:24 31 Jul 2006

Well, even if you lose the key you do have the disks - you can break into the box if necessary.

vinnyT, my cases are well ventilated, never reaching above 35 deg which is well below the danger point of the disk failing due to temperature.

My main point is, though, take care of your disks and keep them in a safe place - one that you can remember.

  wolfie3000 14:32 31 Jul 2006

good advise Edstowe also what i did because i woulod be lost without Halo i bought two copies of the game incase one disk got scratched.

  Terry Brown 14:35 31 Jul 2006

It is also advisable to save the registry entry [regedit-hkey-local machine-software.. Highlight name and go to File-Expor and Save
The reason I do this is that it is not unknown for software companies to remove registration. If you have the Registration entry, you can import it, and be able to use the program, where otherwise the program wil be unusable.

  €dstowe 15:06 31 Jul 2006

Good point but different to the one I wanted to make.

You could post as a new thread as tacking it in this one, it may get missed by people who do take care of their disks and won't bother reading the whole of this.

  €dstowe 18:34 31 Jul 2006


  wiz-king 18:55 31 Jul 2006

I would need a bigger case! The amount of disks that go with my computer and all its progs!
I however agree with you on the need to keep track of all the bits! For my system at work I have a fairly large ammo box that holds all the disks, each computer has its own 500 gauge plastic bag with all its discs in. Each bag, disk and the computer that they belong to has a number on so that I know what goes with what. In the past I have spent hours trying to get something to work because I cant find the correct disc -12 identical computers, each needing a different recovery disc!!!! Argh.

  wiz-king 19:00 31 Jul 2006

The paperwork with product keys/passwords for win-zip and A-squared where you dont have a cd also goes in the bag.

  citadel 19:22 31 Jul 2006

I keep important stuff in box files.

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