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  kimosabi 15:01 02 Sep 2010

Hi Guy's
when I tick a problem that is solved why don't it show on my postings.Not that I'm worried but it saves you helpful guy's from wasting your time which I am very thankful for

  MAJ 15:06 02 Sep 2010

"when I tick a problem that is solved why don't it show on my postings"

It *should* appear in "My Postings".

  kimosabi 15:12 02 Sep 2010

I know it should but it don't am I doing the write

  birdface 15:40 02 Sep 2010

Tick the square and press resolved.

  john bunyan 15:46 02 Sep 2010

You have to tick the square seperately from your last comment.(How is the Lone Ranger?)

  gengiscant 15:55 02 Sep 2010

Hi Ho Silver.

  Noldi 15:56 02 Sep 2010

The question I understand is not how to get the resolved tick but why does this resolved tick not show in my postings or am I wrong.


  birdface 16:05 02 Sep 2010

It is the tick that is missing.And it will not show as resolved unless he ticks the square and presses resolved button.
Unless I am reading it wrong .

  Sea Urchin 16:12 02 Sep 2010

On your previous thread Start Button All Programs

click here

I don't think you realised that it had moved on to page 2 where there were more postings from buteman.

As said above to get the green tick on a thread you must tick the box and click Resolved WITHOUT posting a comment at the same time.

  kimosabi 18:00 02 Sep 2010

Hi Guys
You must think What an idiot and I think you are right I must be a plonker.I have been Ticking the box but not pressing the resolved buttons
Sea Urchin
I have sorted that problem by re installing xp but
I have problems with that which I will be posting sometime later
But a BIG thanks to all who Have helped me

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