VCR97 14:28 21 Nov 2010

Is anyone using this? Any comments about it?

  Graphicool1 14:48 21 Nov 2010

Yes I tried it for a few weeks. It monitors your PC boot speed and at the end tells you how you can improve the speed. This is by shutting down unnecessary 'Start-Up' programmes. Or what it thinks are unnecessary, this can be dubious. As it relies heavily on what other user's think.

I ceased using it in the end, because I found that it running at boot was also paramount in slowing down my already slow PC.

  skeletal 14:54 21 Nov 2010

Yes, me. Like a lot of software it has its uses.

If you are a person who does not mind your computer taking a few minutes to boot, nor do you care what is booting, then don’t bother.

If you are trying to understand, and are irritated by, five minute boot times then try it out.

You can see which software/services are taking all the time up. You can then decide that you don’t really want xyz running and “pause” it. You can choose as many or as few programs to pause and Soluto will tell you how much time you will save.

It also keeps track of changes, so if you get your boot time to say, 60 seconds, and a few weeks later it jumps to 90, looking at the graphs you may see “Installed abc” following which is the slow boot.

By a fluke, mine played up yesterday and I posted the problem to the Soluto web site. They got back really quickly and were very helpful. It turned out not to be Soluto at all, but a broken .NET installation (long story).

I think its only downside is that it adds 2 seconds to my boot time itself. Of course there is nothing stopping you using it as a diagnostic tool to find a particularly troubling program which you can then remove yourself, then remove Soluto. If you have used Soluto to turn off programs, when you uninstall it, it will put things back as they were.


  GaT7 14:54 21 Nov 2010

Couple of interesting reviews/articles click here & click here, including one that's not so objective click here. G

  cocteau48 15:21 21 Nov 2010

Quoting from one of Crossbow7's referances:

"The real innovation that Soluto is bringing to the table is in its PC Genome knowledgebase, which still sports an “Under Construction” sign. Eventually, it will consist of a database of applications derived from the Soluto agent installed on users’ PCs"

This knowledgebase is still very much in its infancy (at least it was that last time I tried it)so do not expect a definitive recommendation on every programme which you have got running as to whether it is safe to remove from start up.

  VCR97 19:00 21 Nov 2010

Thanks for the replies. I'm trying to discover why start-up takes an age despite having reduced the start-up list as far as I think is OK. Perhaps there's some hidden stuff or perhaps I have a deeper problem. I'll give it a whirl and see what, if anything, it finds.

  Tonsie 14:50 22 Nov 2010

When I saw your post on Soluto VCR97 I had to say
a few words.I was using Soluto back in March until I ran SAS to check it out.Then the problems
began,SAS lock up at start,my internet vanished,and I lost a few tool bars.I contacted
Soluto,they said a lot of users had similar problems and apologised,then they closed their
download site.I had to reset the internet and
replace the lost tool bars,and uninstalled Soluto.
A few weeks ago Soluto sent me an email saying it
was up and running,but I will never use Soluto again,but it was in Beta.
Regards Tonsie.

  VCR97 19:43 22 Nov 2010

Thanks for the warning. It's still in beta so I suppose that some problems are possible. They should have sorted out anything serious by now but I will backup beforehand.

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