Solutions to PC tower disc drawer sticking please

  PC_HelpMe 22:49 29 Nov 2011

Hi everyone,

My PC tower's disc drawer has started refusing to open when I press the button. It sounds like it's going to open and you can almost see the tray pushing against the door of it, but it just won't open. It has on occasion, opened after about 10 presses of the button, but tonight it just wasn't for opening at all.

I tried to use the small hole at the front, but only had a pin and the pin wouldn't do the trick.

I ended up opening it by using a tiny screwdriver to the side of the drawer.

Selecting "eject" via "My Computer" didn't work either as the flap just stayed closed but, as I said above, you can hear and almost see the actual tray pushing against the flap - it just wasn't for opening.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to why this has happened (I haven't banged it or anything) and is there any way of fixing it?

Thank you for reading.

  northumbria61 23:01 29 Nov 2011

I t appears that the drawer mechanism has failed. You have tried all the options I would have suggested. The only thing I can think of is that there are normally 2 x small springs attached to the flap - one of these may have become dislodged. A straightened paper clip is what you need for the small hole (not a pin) if you want to try that again. Failing that open up your case (unplug the power supply first) and remove the drive by removing the attached leads and slide out. You may be able to fix better with it removed. Other than that it may be time to replace the drive - not expensive these days.

  PC_HelpMe 23:03 29 Nov 2011

Thank you so much for your response - will find a paperclip and try that first :-)

  robin_x 23:41 29 Nov 2011

Although I cleaned up a spillage a couple of years ago, mine sticks like yours. (not always)

Pressing down on the case with a finger or just getting my finger nails in to the tray to get it started usually works.

  Strawballs 04:09 30 Nov 2011

Just fit a new drive Not that expensive

  QuizMan 08:55 30 Nov 2011

"I tried to use the small hole at the front, but only had a pin and the pin wouldn't do the trick."

I agree with northumbria61, a straightened paperclip is my tool of choice in this situation.

  Graphicool1 09:34 30 Nov 2011

How to Fix a Sticking CD Drive

Putting a compact disc (CD) into a CD drive usually requires opening a disc tray on the drive. The CD is then put in the disc tray, which closes so that the disc can be read by the drive's laser. Dirt and debris can accumulate on the rails that the disc tray rides on and cause it to get stuck. Fixing a sticking CD drive's disc tray requires opening the tray and removing the detriment. The disc tray must be opened carefully since it could break if forced from out of the CD drive. You can fix the disc tray using some common tools found around the house and it shouldn't take more than a half-hour of your time.

Things You'll Need

Paper clip

Compressed air

Rubbing alcohol

Cotton swabs

1 - Disconnect the power cord from the CD drive if it is an external drive. Turn off and unplug the computer if the CD drive is built into a computer. Straighten out the paper clip. Insert one end of the paper clip into the small release hole next to or just below where the disc eject tray lies flush with the CD drive's front case.

2 - Push the end of the paper clip into the release hole until it encounters some tension. Continue pushing until the tension is released by a small click and the disc tray opens slightly from the front of the CD drive. Carefully and slowly pull the disc tray out as far as it will go. Remove any disc from the disc tray.

3 - Blow off the top, bottom and sides of the disc tray with the compressed air. Moisten a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and rub it gently against the side rails of the disc tray. Moisten another cotton swab and rub it against the side rails again. Blow off the side rails with the compressed air.

4 - Gently wipe off the top of the disc tray with the lint-free cloth. Moisten another cotton swab and rub it gently against the top, bottom and sides of the front lid of the disc tray. Moisten another cotton swab and rub it against the inside of the front lid.

5 - Gently push the disc tray back in until it closes with a click. Plug the power cord back into the CD drive if it is an external CD drive. Plug the power cord back into the computer and turn on the computer. Press the disc eject button on the CD drive and watch the disc tray eject. It should do so and no longer stick.


  PC_HelpMe 20:40 30 Nov 2011

Thanks for yet more help everyone - I've now tried a paperclip but to no avail - it is still making the noise and you can hear the actual tray "hitting" against the inner door, but its still not opening.

Will have to take things apart and give it a good clean and check the springs.

Will keep you updated :)

  PC_HelpMe 20:27 01 Dec 2011

Hi everyone - have taken it out of the tower and cleaned as advised. Out of around 10 times I then tried it, it opened just twice. Have taken it back out as five it yet another clean.

IF this doesn't solve it, can anyone recommend a new internal drive for us to get.

The one we have is a SONY DVD/cd rewritable drive unit. Model number: DW-G120A.

  PC_HelpMe 20:28 01 Dec 2011

"as five" should read "to give". Sorry - am on iPod.

  T0SH 14:44 03 Dec 2011

Have you tried a right click on your CD/DVD (most likely D) in an explorer window (right click open on (My Computer XP) or (Computer Vista/Win7)) and choose Eject from the options menu

If this works then the problem is most likely a micro-switch hardware fault in the opening mechanism, if not then the drive is somehow mechanically sticking

Either way it sounds like it will require replacement use the free version of Nero Info Tool to read the the types of CD/DVD burning media your present unit supports

Then you can shop around for a replacement ( Amazon UK seem to carry a good range at reasonable prices)

Cheers HC

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