solid state drives

  casper69 09:33 14 Oct 2009

hi all

putting how much ssd's cost

are ssd really faster then a hdd, even when they they are nearly full of data.

and what about if the ssd has a problem is there ways to recover the data.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:37 14 Oct 2009

They are faster but cost much, much more and can only hold small amounts of data. A no-goer for some time. click here is a reasonable article about them.


  I am Spartacus 11:41 14 Oct 2009

I recently bought a 60GB SSD for £160, mainly to see what they're like in one of my systems. I use it just for the OS and program files, all my data is stored on additional mechanical drives. They are fast and are one of the few things you can fit to a PC where you will notice a big improvement in general use, many applications open instantly whilst others take noticeably less time to load.

However SSD's have problems:

Very expensive and in my view not worth it yet for the limited storage available.
Any SSD that uses a Samsung controller is flawed with bugs that can cripple performance. Samsung have not released fixes yet (after some months) although there are time consuming workarounds.
Because of the way that Windows OS (and that includes Windows 7 to some extent) use the hard disk extensively for virtual memory, even if you have more than 2GB RAM SSDs are not suitable for the Page File so it will be necessary to have a mechanical hard drive to which it can be moved.
To maintain performance you may have to regularly wipe the drive and re-install from a disk image. I’ve only had mine a few weeks so haven’t yet experienced this but I was aware of this and am prepared to spend the time to do this on a regular basis if necessary.
Capacity is still too small, for me at least anyway. I have just over 300GB of data, mainly video which is duplicated on a number of other internal and external drives so it’s still much to expensive for me to consider it.

There’s an interesting article at click here

  casper69 13:20 14 Oct 2009

cheers guys

the ssd im looking at is on the Apple macbook pro i know it not a main subject here but i havent heard any problems with them, do you think that i still would need to do the disk wipe?

  I am Spartacus 14:18 14 Oct 2009

I don't know. The problem with the Page File shouldn't exist though. A lot depends on Apple's File System and whether there's inbuilt support for TRIM (or similar). I can't find a specification that details who manufactures the drive and controller either.

You may find something click here or ask the question there.

  Chris the Ancient 16:30 14 Oct 2009

I remember this being linked here to show the speed of SSDs.

click here

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