Sold old for new by Evesham (lowest on web)

  Sheen 14:15 01 Apr 2005

I purchased a new Amd 64 3500+ processor from Evesham. all was well until the item arrive, upon opening the rather small package I found a small box (not an Amd box) with a processor that had thermal grease on. i did not buy an OEM processor but despite numerous emails I have still to recieved a reply from them. I telephoned Evesham technology to ask for a number and was told I had to ring a premium rate phone line and no other number was avalable. I would advise anyone to stay well clear of them in the future.

  Belatucadrus 15:27 01 Apr 2005

Quote from PCA site policy

"Please do not exhort others to boycott a company that provided you with bad service or products."

  Fingees 15:53 01 Apr 2005

use consumer watch forum

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