Solar panels circuit diagram

  Graham* 10:48 05 Jan 2012

Had Solar Panels fitted on my roof yesterday. The electrician fitted an existing energy meter, at my request, to display the output from the panels. She must have clamped it on the wrong cable - this morning it was reading 540W in a sunny spell. The maximum output is 270W.

I have another energy meter on the way from eBay. The plan is to have one on the Mains as well as the Solar so I can adjust my usage to minimise paying for Mains electricity.

So I need a diagram...

  compumac 15:33 05 Jan 2012

Odd. - Did the Solar Panel people fitting the panels not supply a meter to display the output? How will you adjust your usage?

  Graham* 15:48 05 Jan 2012

Yes they did, in the loft.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

The display is cycling.

  compumac 17:08 05 Jan 2012

I had a remote reader with my Solar Panels which indicates, 1) Current production, 2) Production for the day and 3) Total production from the start. You say max output 270W. Do you mean achieved for a particular period? I have a Total System of 3.92kWH and at this time of the year has produced over the past week between 0.92/1.92kWh per day. I do not grasp as to how you intend to adjust your useage?

  Diemmess 20:24 05 Jan 2012

270 Watts maximum? Or is that figure the maximum you expect in these short days with heavy overcast?

Photovoltaic installations seem to have as many variants as computers and software.

If you are into that level of DIY then you are probably aware of the requirements to have everything wired or at least checked through by a certified electrician, and be registered with your supply authority at least to connect with the mains and of course hopefully qualify for a FiT.

When my system was commisioned and I applied for the FiT one of the questions was "Does your [supply] meter run backwards?" I phoned to ask about this and another matter and the nice lady at the other end said some of the old meters do!

I have a small meter in the porch which measures the total generated so far, but if I go into the roof space, a panel on the inverter will give me a read-out of practically everything I could wish to know and a lot more.

  compumac 20:47 05 Jan 2012

If your meter does run backwards that could be construed as theft?????

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