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  nazarene 06:32 17 Jul 2009

Hi, my current pc (Dell) is all but worn out and nearly dead after 8 years. I have purchased a new one and now need a Windows OS. I decided to go with XP Home because that is what I know. Here is the problem: most of what is for sale on the internet is OEM and not much difference in price. My research has led me to believe that once activated you cannot use the disk on another pc as it somehow tied to the motherboard of the original pc it was activated on. Are there any other drawbacks with OEM programs? I think I would prefer to buy a full retail pack, but is there something I am missing in the facts? Once I have it, is this something I can load myself? I am not what you call well grounded in proceedures for such things. I was told to go Vista as XP has now been deleted, but Vista is so much more expensive. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  JanetO 08:48 17 Jul 2009

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  BT 08:57 17 Jul 2009

Its vitually impossible to find a retail version of XP now but a OEM one is comparitively cheap even if you can only put it on one machine.

  mooly 13:30 18 Jul 2009

It's true an OEM ties you to the PC it is installed on, and the other thing, you don't get free MS support.
But that's only like any PC you buy with windows preinstalled anyway.

click here=

And there's now't wrong with Vista too :)

  mooly 13:36 18 Jul 2009

Perhaps someone would 100% confirm this still works but you can do a "clean install" from an upgrade only DVD.
You just install (making sure you are not connected to the web and also NOT entering the license code first time) and then when that has installed just run the Disc again, this time as an upgrade, and now enter the code.

  OTT_Buzzard 13:49 18 Jul 2009

If you have an upgrade version then you can do a complete clean install. However, as far as i'm aware (and this as the case for XP) you cannot progress with the installation without an operating system disc for an earlier version of windows.

e.g. to install XP upgrade version, you would need a windows 200 disc or a windows 98 disc etc.

  rdave13 20:10 18 Jul 2009

That is only for Vista I believe.

  mooly 07:13 19 Jul 2009

Thanks, I did wonder.


If I buy a Genuine Vista and install it on Desktop, Will i get some kind of upgrade CD to move to Windows 7? or will this be treated as new install and I will have to buy the OS at full price?

How far is Windows 7 from its Open to all Release? Should I wait until that or go ahead with Vista?


  accordion 08:11 01 Sep 2009

Windows 7 is due for release in just a few weeks. Best to wait, don't you think?


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