Software to show digital photos on TV

  Pineman100 12:55 03 Feb 2008

A friend of mine wants to burn a lot of the digital photos on his hard drive on to DVD's, to be able to play them on the DVD player that is attached to his TV.

There are several software packages that allow you to do this - arrange the photos into slide shows, burn them to DVD and play them through the telly.

Does anyone have any experience of any of these software packages?

I'm interested to know whether they're any good - and in particular whether the format of DVD that they create is universally playable by any DVD player.

Thanks for any comments.

  hssutton 13:15 03 Feb 2008

There are numerous software packages, some of them freeware. and yes some of of them are exellent, producing stunning slideshows on TV, which of course will be recorded onto DVD .

I'm at present producing a slideshow of flowers and butterflies. Here is an example of what can be achieved click here

ProwshowGold is probably the best you can buy and may be overkill.

Most burner software packages also contain slideshow software, as does Vista

  hssutton 13:17 03 Feb 2008

I should point out the link I provided is not to one of my slideshows, although I do have several on the Photodex site.

  eedcam 14:45 03 Feb 2008

You can do a reasonable show with windows movie maker which he has if he has XP. You cannot burn direst to dvd from wmm but not a problem to do so or download Photstory 3 its also free . As for bought ones one oof the most bells and whistles is Magix photos on cd and dvd.

  Woolwell 14:58 03 Feb 2008

"whether the format of DVD that they create is universally playable by any DVD player." - in my experience this depends on the DVD player and possibly its age. Some players are happy with + format and not - format and vice versa and some with both. The quality of the disc could also be a factor. You need to discover what discs his DVD player is happy with.

  ICF 15:05 03 Feb 2008

You can make a descent slideshow with Nero 8

  Pineman100 19:11 03 Feb 2008

I'll pass all of your comments on to my mate.

Much appreciated.

  bruckshaw 11:43 25 Mar 2008

Yesterday I burned photos onto DVD+RW and played them on my TV. The quality was very poor. The problem was that everything looked over -sharpened. For example a thin diagonal line appeared to be made up of many dashes.(vertical lines are OK).
I played the DVD on my computer with the same result.
Using the TV to display the photos direct from the camera gave a good result.
I took the DVD to my daughter's home and played it on their computer with perfect results.
I do not understand this. What can be happening?

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