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  DANZIG 10:10 16 May 2007


Is there a bit of software out there that can do this?

I travel a lot round the UK and take loads of photos.

I would like a piece of software that displays a UK map, which I could zoom in on, and that would allow me to attach various photos to towns, villages, landmarks etc with maybe a red dot denoting where photos have been attached to.

Does such a thing exist?

Cheap would be good, free would be better!

I'd like it for my laptop as well, so it needs to be compatible with Vista Hoem Premium.

  Kate B 11:00 16 May 2007

With a bit of Javascript knowledge you could probably create some kind of Google Maps mashup to do this. You can tag photographs on some websites like this - you can do it via Flickr, I think - or you can cobble together a mashup yourself. Start with this lot click here

  DANZIG 11:48 16 May 2007

Well I've managed to find a map that suits my purpose and managed to get it on the old lappy.

Now all I need to do is tag various locations and associate pics with them.

A bit like when a comment is made on cells on an Excel spreadsheet, so when your mouse rolls over it, a picture appears.

  Technotiger 12:35 16 May 2007

Hi, I believe this is possible using Google Earth.

  MAJ 13:08 16 May 2007

It can be done in a webpage using 'hotspots' (not the internet connection type). When your mouse moves over the hotspot and is clicked, a pre-defined picture appears. You could even do it in a webpage using image slicing where each slice (each town maybe) is a link to the pre-defined picture.

  DANZIG 13:15 16 May 2007

Sounds good, but I don't really want it on the internet, just for home use.

How do I go on about creating a 'hotspot' on the map of the UK that I've got?

I've seen it in Google Earth as has been mentioned, so how do I do it myself?

  MAJ 13:36 16 May 2007

A website doesn't have to go on the internet, DANZIG, it can work just as well on your PC. To create the hotspot or image slice, you'll need a graphics program which supports that option, Paintshop Pro, Photoshop, Fireworks, for example I'm guessing The GIMP and Photoshop Elements also allow you to do it.

  Technotiger 13:43 16 May 2007

If you have Google Earth, go to Help and check out the User Guide.

  baldtaco 17:14 16 May 2007

DANZIG, hola

Try this amigo. Free n Clean -

click here

  Technotiger 18:35 16 May 2007

Hola, nice one Amigo ... bookmarked, Gracias!!

  baldtaco 19:05 16 May 2007


Mah pleasure :-)

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