Software removal wizard left some program remnants

  JAS100 15:29 01 Jan 2004

I installed PsiWin 2.2 on my WinXP computer & it was ok for a few weeks. It then started freezing in places, so I uninstalled it using the 'Add/remove' software wizard.

When I tried to reinstall it I was told that elements of the old installation were still present and that I had to remove them before I could reinstall. I have no idea what is remaing or how to remove it.

I Restored my computer to the pre removal state using 'System Restore' but it will not connect at all to the Psion 3mx
Any ideas?

  howard60 15:47 01 Jan 2004

try using restore to go back to before you installed the prog.

  Peanut001 15:50 01 Jan 2004

the add/remove programs tool rarely removes all parts of a program, usually leaving registry entries, u should always use the programs own uninstall feature, if there aint one then use a third party program that logs everything a prgram installs.
The only way to get rid of this program completly is to go through the restisty yourself, but u should only do this if u know what your doing.

  JAS100 16:01 01 Jan 2004

There is no uninstall option from the PsiWin installation disk.

If I go back to the restore point prior to the first installation of PsiWin, will I have to re-install all of the programs I have installed from that date?

Are there any other possible complications that may arise by restoring to a previous date?

  Peanut001 16:17 01 Jan 2004

I tried sys retore when my old man used add/remove for norton internet security, which didnt help in the slightest but that is an integral part of windows.
I had to go through for a couple of hours removing all reg entries to do with norton and was eventually able to re-install.

  beeuuem 16:37 01 Jan 2004

Some programmes, when removed, give the message that some details need to be removed manually. This is usually the folder in 'Programme files'. As you have uninstalled the programme, look in Programme files' and delete the folder relating to PsiWin 2.2

  JAS100 18:03 01 Jan 2004

I have managed to reinstall Psiwin by restarting the computer after using the 'Remove Software' program, which perhaps I should have done in the first place, but was not prompted to do so by the 'Add remove' Wizard!!

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