Software recommendations needed please

  Bluesmoon 23:07 05 Jul 2006

Hello - I wonder if anyone could give me some ideas. I have recently had to have a clean instal on my PC. Whilst most of my data was saved I lost all my programs. I have managed to find/download/instal most of them and am nearly back up and running as I was before however there are a few I can find and this is where I would like you advice as I can't remember what these were:
A reminder that popped up when I switched on my PC to remind me of important events
A CD store - put CD in PC and it would read CD listing all tracks
Same for DVD movies
Also I had files encrypted and though I have reinstalled Universal Shield still can't decrypt the files as it does not recognise the files are encrypted (if you see what I mean)
I am sure there will be more that I haven't missed until I come to use them but if anyone could recommend anything like the above I would be really grateful.
Thanks a lot

  Jackcoms 11:18 06 Jul 2006

"A reminder that popped up when I switched on my PC to remind me of important events"

Isn't that MS Outlook or another diary program?

  DieSse 16:57 06 Jul 2006

There's loads of free pop-up reminder programs, examples

click here

click here

more if you google ... reminder popup freeware ...

CD & DVD cataloguers here

click here

more if you google ... cd contents list freeware ...

  DieSse 17:00 06 Jul 2006

Universal Sheild click here says if you registered you get unlimited technical support - so why not ask them how to solve this problem.

  VoG II 22:20 06 Jul 2006

A few here click here

  R.C.M. 10:37 07 Jul 2006

Sorry about the pun - Can someone give me advice on how to stop a text box from moving when you hit return?

I am making a 24 page document some pages have a text box and some don't. If I go back and change part of a previous page [say page 4] then the following 10 pages contents move the same as the amended page [4] thus putting heading etc further down the page.

I hope someone can understand the above rambling, and can explain how I can stop this.

Many thanks.

  R.C.M. 10:38 07 Jul 2006

I did not mean to highjack your thread - I'm a silly old fart.

  Bluesmoon 08:12 08 Jul 2006

No Problem R.C.M. - aren't we all!
Jackcoms - a lot of diary programs send emails as reminders, I need it much more in my face than that!
DieSse - yes I have been in touch with Universal Shield and have received lots of advice from them - they have been very helpful (but still haven't solved the problem)
VoG - this will keep me busy on a rainy Sunday afternoon!
Thank you all for your ideas. I am sure I will find what I want amongst these downloads and at least you have pointed the way in Google - sometimes I don't even know the questions to ask! Thanks again

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