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  Phoenix40 18:57 29 Dec 2007

Hello i use Windows 98SE. The problem i have is a few days ago i tried to install a game on my second drive, but as it was taking so long i cancelled the installation. I then tried to uninstall what files that had gone onto the h/drive by uninstalling the game from the add/remove list on the control panel under Settings. But it gave the impression it had removed the game, but it didnt. So i ended up removing the game files manually. But when i tried to install this game again today, on the opening game menu it turns out the install button is blanked out and i cant install it. I removed the game from the Regedit in Windows System but it still doesnt work. The game is still listed on the Add/Remove of the Control Panel as being still installed on my system. I obviously have done something wrong, is there a way of dealing with this and clearing it properly from my computer so i can properly install it again. I hope my explanation is clear enough and hope someone can help me soon thanks.

  citadel 19:05 29 Dec 2007

if the game had its own uninstaller you should have used that. see if there are any folders left in programs list and delete them.

  VoG II 19:06 29 Dec 2007

If the game installed using the Windows installer then try running the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility click here

This won't actually remove anything but should allow you to run the installer for the game.

  Phoenix40 20:09 29 Dec 2007

Hello thank you for your replies. Yes the game does have its own uninstaller, but it keeps thinking there are game files to uninstall, but there are none now because i removed them manually from Windows Explorer, but it is unable to delete itself from the add/remove list on the control panel - it still is listed there.

I installed the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, but when i opened it up i cant see what help it is as it lists a few other games ive installed but not the one im having problems with, so im not sure what good it will be. If there any other ideas anyone else has i would much appreciate to hear, thank you anyway.

  mazuk 20:58 29 Dec 2007

Sounds like some type of file corruption, have you tried going back to a previous system restore date? chances are when you have cancelled the installtion a file has partly installed and left traces which are conflicting with installing it again

  Phoenix40 22:32 29 Dec 2007

Hello somehow the opening menu of the game seems to have corrected itself by showing the install button now ( i dont know if that was caused by just opening up the Windows Clearance Utility or not ). I noticed last time i tried to install it it was taking a long time installing on my secondary drive and when i cancelled it the icon that usually shows the disk in the DVD wasnt showing, just an empty m/soft symbol. I will try and install it on my first drive and see what happens, i notice a few games dont seem to be able to install on my secondary drive. I will let you know what happens by tomorrow then, thanks for all your help.

  Phoenix40 13:00 30 Dec 2007

Hello there, no im afraid i still cant install the game. I guess somewhere along the line something has corrupted the installation or uninstall the game, when i did it manually. So as the previous helper has explained how do i go back to a previous restoration date? Or is there another way i can deal with it. Any help would be much appreciated thank you.

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