Software to play DVD's and play/burn etc CD's

  six-h 23:20 25 Jul 2009

Having done a clean install of XP Home on my old lappy, I've lost Nero and Power DVD and need to replace them.

What does the team think is the better of these options for CD's: -
Free download of Ashampoo Burning Studio 2009 or an unopened boxed copy of Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5 ?

Also, what recommendations for playing DVD's?

  six-h 23:30 25 Jul 2009

Hi David!
What I'm bothered about is support, security patching, since although I've not opened the box, I won it about 2 years ago, and it wasn't current then!
Where as the link you mailed me for Ashampoo, is a current bit of software.
Is there a security risk with this kind of software?

  rdave13 23:32 25 Jul 2009

WMP will play DVDs but you need the codecs; click here
As for burning and converting files then Ashampoo burning studios 8 (cheaper than version9); click here
You can have a free trial and the initial cost of £20 will be reduced by an offer at the end of the trial. No harm in trying it, you can always uninstall.
An excellent program I think.

  six-h 23:36 25 Jul 2009

Yeah, just checked Roxio site and 7.5 nolonger supported.
That's technical problems, as I say, I don't know if there are any security issues.

  six-h 23:41 25 Jul 2009

rdave13; sounds like the best solution for playing DVD's, maybe get the K-Lite pack?

Regarding Ashampoo, I've got a link to a freebie for the full 2009 suite, so the cost is "within budget" lol

Just trying to "get my ducks in a row" before making the first Image of the new system!

  Stuartli 23:43 25 Jul 2009

Why should there be a security risk?

I downloaded it when it was released a week or two back as freeware, although I haven't yet installed it as I use Nero6.


click here

I watch DVDs on Windows Media Player 11, although if you download K-Lite Codec Pack Standard, Full or Mega, you can also install Windows Media Classic Player which is included.

  rdave13 23:49 25 Jul 2009

The 'full' 2009 suit of Ashampoo is very crippled. I downloaded it but it's just the free version of BS 6 and limited. Won't convert files to DVD etc.

  six-h 23:50 25 Jul 2009

Thanks David, I've heard of VLC but not seen it in action.
I believe it's included by default in the "big" K-lite pack.
I think for the time being for DVD's, I'll download the K-Lite codecs and as rdave13 suggests, use WMP.
That way I'm not installing anything I don't really need.
I don't suspect I'll be watching many DVD's 'cos my graphics are currently only sharing 16MB! lol, I'll have to find out where to up it to a dizzying 64MB in the BIOS sometime but I get scared in there!!!

  six-h 00:00 26 Jul 2009

rdave13 thanks for that...:-( bummer!
Since this is a "Cost v Free" contest, I think my copy of Roxio is nosing ahead!
stuartli, >>Why should there be a security risk?<<
I don't know, I just assumed that this was a risk when using legacy programmes.
Lazarus The 2nd: >>Input media - DVD Video - 1.DVD decryption is done through the libdvdcss library.<<
Now you're getting technical on me!!

  six-h 01:15 26 Jul 2009

Why do these things happen to me?
Just installed K-Lite standard codec pack, during installation it found something it reconed shouldn't be there asked to remove it, since this is a clean installation 2 days old, I said No.
on completion, I tried to play a DVD on WMP11, and got a BSOD: -
Stop 0X0000008E
(0XC0000005, 0XBFA1ABEA, 0XF7A27BCD, 0X00000000)
SisGrv.dll - ADDRESS BFA1ABEA base at BF9D5000, DateStamp 3dd21412

Just rebooted and taken to a Microsoft responses page that suggests I consider a BIOS upgrade as it detects the BIOS version does not match the CPU, "this can occur when a newer processor is installed on an older board"

Don't know where that came from!
This lappy is all original kit.

I think I'll have to do a sys restore to before I installed the codecs...any advice?

  Stuartli 09:30 26 Jul 2009

In Windows Media Player, have you Enabled All File Types from Tools>Options>File Types tab?

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