Software to password-protect a USB drive...?

  SparkyMarky 17:37 18 Feb 2009

Hello there!

I've just bought a couple of teeny tiny little 8GB USB flash drives, and I'm pulling my hair out trying to find some free (or very cheap) software to enable me to password-protect individual folders on them.
What I'm *NOT* looking for is anything that encrypts the folders' contents (the stuff in them isn't 'sensitive' and the fact that there are hundreds of small files makes encryption software a pain in the bum).
I've spent hours and hours and *hours* trawling the internet, finding dozens of programs that claim to be free - only to discover, *after* I've installed 'em - that they're 'trial' versions of software costing $30 or more.

I want something very simple:
a) password protection on folders
b) something that installs its own little program on the USB drive so that I can take it anywhere and plug it into anyone's PC and be able to instantly access the files
c) something free - or very cheap (a tenner at the most, if that's possible)
d) something that doesn't bother encrypting the files and folders, cos that's just overkill for me.

Anyone have any suggestions? All thoughts very gratefully received!

Thanks in advance


  SparkyMarky 17:39 18 Feb 2009

Oops, sorry - forgot to say that I'm running XP service pack 3, if that helps! Obviously, I'm looking for something that doesn't depend on the OS of the PC the USB stick's plugged into, otherwise I might not be able to read the files on friends' PCs if they're running different OSs.

cheers m'dears!


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