software or hardware Keyboard and Mouse problem: A

  danielgent 01:02 27 Jul 2010

Hi there,

Just wanted to check with you guys a problem thats been driving me crazy. Got a Acer Aspire 5601AWLMi to fix and the guy thought it was crashing on the login screen. Turns out its the keyboard and mouse not working. Its a tempermental problem so most of the time this is how it behaves:
- can access BIOS with F2
- when get to windows login screen mouse and keyboard don't work (but USB mouse does)
- ran ubuntu live CD and mouse and keyboard worked
- take the battery out the laptop and the mouse and keyboard work in windows

been doing some research. Some posts say its a failing battery that causes it, others say its a faulty southbridge. Tried reinstalling and uninstalling drivers but device manager kept crashing (not sure if its unrelated). I think I have a few possible courses of action
- tell them to use it without the battery and see if they get problems
- reinstall windows (something I think I will have to do)
- get hold of a spare battery from a similar laptop

Just wondering what everyone on these forums thought and if its a windows fault (would explain why it only happens on windows) or a hardware fault (would explain why it only happens with the battery out).

I'm quite stuck here so hope you can all help,
Dan Gent

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:41 27 Jul 2010

Try a windows system file checker -
sfc / scannow

also try uninstalling and reinstalling the windows mouse and keyboard drivers.

  danielgent 14:04 28 Jul 2010

Hi Fruit Bat,

thanks for the reply. Whenever I try to uninstall the drivers from device manager, device manager just freezes! I'll try SFC, and if not I'll just reinstall and see what happens!

I'll post back what I find,

Dan Gent

  danielgent 09:39 29 Jul 2010

An update on what I've done.
with battery out: Uninstalled and reinstalled Mouse and Keyboard drivers (required restart). On the reboot I put the battery back in and still same problem.
Reinstalled XP: When it got to the first setup screen where the mouse and keyboard are needed (asking to setup language details), the mouse and keyboard did not work. Had to power off and reboot without the battery in (also, at this point I had to remove the battery to turn it off, holding the power button down did nothing!).

Does this look like a hardware fault to you guys?

Dan Gent

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