Software Mania

  Novis 23:32 25 Jun 2003


In the fit of enthusiasm I downloaded software from a PC Advisor disk but with only 24MB of RAM and 2GB of hard drive some of what I have installed I reckon is superfluous.

Any advice please on what I should lose and what I should definitely keep.

I have intalled AsmwSoft; Deletor;Cacheman; Clone Master; DADMakePDF (?); directx; Ministars safeCleanutilities; Moonlight NetWatcher;
NitroRAM; Panicware; Plus!; PopNot; RedV; WWPim; ZoneAlarm; McAfee Firewall; QuickClean.

What are the conflicts and duplications?


  jojo_1 23:35 25 Jun 2003

Dont mean to be horrid but I'd delete the PC and get a new one, with all the new software thats out I'm afraid it's inevitable!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:40 25 Jun 2003

You do not need ZA and macafee firewalls. One or t'other. The advice about binning your computer is the best so far. Most of the software has bonkers names and I have never heard of them. Delete anything that you do not use.

  -pops- 06:38 26 Jun 2003

When you have bought your new computer I suggest that you never download anything into it unless you know you really want it. This applies to all software but, especially any given away on magazine cover disks.

I see many computers stuffed almost to the brim with software that is downloaded willy nilly from freeby cover disks or worse, from the internet, with little knowledge of what they are for and what they do, and never used. The reason I see the computer in the first place is that it is not working properly. Of course it isn't - there's too much rubbish in it.

After you have the essentials installed in a computer, think very carefully about installing anything else, anything at all. Do you need it? Will you use it? Be honest with yourself in the answer and certainly don't download anything because it might look impressive to anyone else looking at your machine - a sort of computer oneupmanship or keeping up with the Jones's.

Do a periodic check on the programs installed. Anything you haven't used for, say, a month, think whether you need it there. If you don't, get it out. All it's doing is taking up space and slowing things down. You can always reinstall later if necessary (usually it isn't).

Keep it keen by keeping it lean.


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