Software Installation with XP

  Justabitbaffled 09:45 27 Feb 2004


I had to buy a new Windows XP PC top run a recently purchased copy of Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Whilst I have been able to successfully re-install Norton Internet security,MS Office(2000), Photoshop and AutoCad.I have also re-installed BT internet software. However when installing Acrobat the install bar fills to about 70% and stops.

I also experience this with Omnipage Pro.

I have tried the technical help desk at Adobe but they are baffled also.

Any suggestions would be most gratefully received (I'm now over a grand down and still no Acrobat!)



Any suggestions?

  anon1 09:54 27 Feb 2004

do you have the antivirus software running while trying to install adobe? If yes try turning it off during installation

  Justabitbaffled 10:00 27 Feb 2004

I have tried installation with the AV software on and off.

I have also disabled the firewall in XP (preferring to use that in Norton)

  Justabitbaffled 10:17 27 Feb 2004

Things have just got worse;

I have just downloaded (via automatic update advise) several (12mb) "critical updates".

These have up to now been !installing" for 10 minutes, although nothing appears to be happening.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:23 27 Feb 2004

I hope this is not too late to suggest, but can you do a fresh install of WinXP. Then get relevant updates - drivers and OS.

Set a restore point.

Install Acrobat and set a restore point.

Install each piece of software and set a restore point afterwards.

  Justabitbaffled 10:28 27 Feb 2004

So far as a fresh install is concerned the machine only came out of the box yesterday!

I have tried to restore the system to the start but this didnt work either.

  medicine hat 10:50 27 Feb 2004

Have you contacted the new system's customer support staff?

  Justabitbaffled 10:54 27 Feb 2004

Its the next task; but my experience shows that someone watching this site will usually have the answer!

  Chegs ® 11:05 27 Feb 2004

Can you try downloading and installing the free Adobe pdf reader,if that completes OK,then try the cd again.

  Justabitbaffled 11:09 27 Feb 2004

The .pdf reader is already installed as part of the system

  thms 11:21 27 Feb 2004

Go to start/run type in sfc /scannow
(note space between c&/)

This will check for missing files. Though if you only got it yesterday all files should be there.

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