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  leeknight67 11:07 29 Jun 2003

i download stuff at kazaa and a screen keeps coming up that says i have to pay for it. is there any way around this cuz i spend all yesterday getting it and now im dissapointed

plz help thanks

  leo49 11:18 29 Jun 2003

I know what you mean - the same thing happens when I get to the checkout at the supermarket.

  Confab 11:46 29 Jun 2003

There will always be people who'll say you shouldn't do this or that on this forum but I don't personally think that it's up to us to judge what you do with your pc. Don't forget a copy of Kazaa was included on the PC Advisor cover disk not so long a go.

Now what you might be better off doing is this:-

Download Lavasofts Adware remover from click here and spybot from click here and install these. Now un-install Kazaa and run the above two programs. Now do a Google search and look for Kazaa Lite (make sure that it is the Lite version). Install this and you won't get any pop-up ads etc on your PC. Kazaa Lite looks exactly the same as Kazaa but without the rubbish.

Now if you've downloaded copyrighted software and installed it on your pc then you will and should have to pay for it. However, if its Kazaa that's saying you should pay (for what I don't know) then the Lite version will stop this.


  Kryten 12:44 29 Jun 2003

make sure you have a good Anti-virus checker. Kazaa has it's own viruses which infect files in the Kazaa download folder and as a result are passed on when other people download off of you.

Just recently I went to a relative to see to there PC as they were having problems. After I built the PC for them and set it up (leaving them to install their software), they had forgotten to install the Firewall and Anti-virus. As a result they had 162 files infected by a virus downloaded from Kazaa.

Ive just spent days sorting out a trojan downloaded through Kaazar. Be very very careful my freind.

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