Software firewalls: Windows v Mcafee

  six-h 17:50 19 Apr 2007

I have downloaded a copy of McAfee Personal Firewall plus 2005 ver 6.0
Does the team think that this product would be better, worse, or the same as windows firewall??

  birdface 17:55 19 Apr 2007

I think most go for Comodo, kerio,Or Zone Alarm,Cannot comment on McAfee as I have never used it,

  skidzy 17:56 19 Apr 2007

Better by a mile.

Windows Firewall is one way protection (inbound) as opposed to a software firewall that protects inbound and outbound.

Freebies such as Zonealarm and Kerio are very good software firewalls.I think you will find most of us use the freebies.

  Griffon 18:14 19 Apr 2007

I use McAfee and have for years with, crossed fingers!, no problems so it seems to do its job. Certainly if I check the events log it appears to be stopping intrusions from outside. It's frightening to see just how many there are in any one day!! You get updates to the firewall too from McAfee whereas I've never been aware of a MS update specifically for their firewall.

Something that firewall gurus might be able to tell me - I've just checked my events log and my computer seems to be pinging itself a heck of a lot. Never seen that before. Any ideas?

  riiverstock 18:18 19 Apr 2007

I only use McAfee after trying the rest.

  six-h 20:57 23 Apr 2007

sorry, I was distracted by various minor issues, not the least being that I locked myself out of my connection!--- don't ask!
Will eventually load this free McAfee firewall and see if it checks traffic in and out, but how effective can a Firewallbe that is already 2 years old??

  six-h 16:36 24 Apr 2007

Re my last question, does one update firewalls?

  provider 2 16:48 24 Apr 2007

I don`t think you can update the AOL McAfee firewall for according to the McAfee site it is "no longer supported". However, if it works well and it does (I`m using it now) why go to the trouble and bother of trying to update it?
In any case, there is a certain amount of updating possible from within the program.

  six-h 22:31 24 Apr 2007

Do you mean that you are using the 2005 ver6.0, or similar vintage??
Reason I ask is that I downloaded it as a freebie from Computer Active magazine ilast November at the Library before I was connected. I opened it there to see if it required a pass code to activate, and briefly looked at the interface. I seem to remember that the blocking of incomming traffic was greyed out, as if it was not available on this particular version.If that is likely, I would rather not upset my Machine by installing only to uninstall as it usually leaves "muddy footprints" behind!

  provider 2 22:37 24 Apr 2007

Understood. The version I am using is V4.5 API Version which in pc terms is quite old, I think. It comes free with AOL Broadband Silver but I have found it to be a pretty effective firewall.

  provider 2 22:42 24 Apr 2007

Oh, and none of the sections is greyed out. All are fully functional including the link to McAfee`s Hackerwatch. Org.

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