Software on DVD

  User-01DB3158-C279-4074-97E6FF8FBCFBF42C 19:30 23 Nov 2005

I need to renew my anti-virus software (annual update subscription due to expire) & have found it a good a price but on DVD. I've only ever bought software on CD before. Are there any pros/cons. I have a combi-drive on my PC that will read DVDs.

  ICF 19:54 23 Nov 2005

Make and model of drive?

  jbp1982 19:55 23 Nov 2005

doesn't make any difference really.

The advantage I can see, is the number of disks is reduced, a cd-rom can fit 700mb where as a dvd can fit 4.7gig.

For instance Black and White 2 game, a friend bought the cd version, it comes on four cds. I bought the dvd one and it installs of just one dvd. The game is identical, no difference.

  Totally-braindead 21:51 23 Nov 2005

Have to agree with jbp1982 theres no difference. As long as you have a DVD drive rather than a cd drive. Personally I use AVG, its good and its free and there are others as well that are also free. Used to have Norton but Symantic wouldn't give me support when I needed it even though I'd been paying the subscription because they said they didn't support older versions of their software and the money I paid for the subscription was only to allow me to download the updates.

  €dstowe 21:58 23 Nov 2005

Few programs that you or I are likely to use are of a size that requires to be on a DVD. Are you sure this is genuine?

  Totally-braindead 22:02 23 Nov 2005

€dstowe has a point there, I haven't seen an antivirus program on DVD as its small enough to fit on one CD. Thinking about it the only software I do have that is on a DVD is the newer games.

I only found the specific Application on DVD from one source. As I have since found it almost as inexpensively elsewhere on CD format I have gone ahead and order that. Thanks for your thoughts.

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