Software is changing links definitions

  stlucia 13:14 28 Jan 2004

I'm modifying an existing web site of mine by viewing the pages (which are on my e:\ drive) in IE Browser and editing using Notepad. Sometimes I find that links have been changed by the software to include full drive and path name preceded by "http///", where I originally wrote them as "filename.htm" (assuming they're in the same folder as the page they are being linked from). I only discovered this when I test-ran my site (still off line) on another PC, where all the links failed because the drive and path letters were wrong.

How can I stop the links from being changed automatically? Presumably its IE Browser that's doing this because I'm off-line when it happens?

  Forum Editor 18:04 28 Jan 2004

that links have been changed "by the software", what software do you mean? You're not using any software if you edit HTML code in Notepad.

A web browser looks at the HTML and displays it as a web page, it doesn't alter anything in the server dorectories - it can't.

The reason the site didn't work on another computer is because you were referencing files that are on your hard drive - and they aren't on the other machine. If you want to test the site properly you must make an FTP transfer of your revised HTML pages (plus any image or other files that are referenced) to directories on the site's host server. Be aware that doing this will overwrite existing pages with the same filename.htm, so it would be sensible to back the server copy up (to your hard drive) first.

  stlucia 10:07 29 Jan 2004

I'm writing the code in Notepad and then "running" it off-line using Internet Explorer. I haven't FTP tranferred it to the server yet, so I don't understand how the changes are occurring: What's happening is that hyperlink references to other pages of my own site which I've coded in as, say, "contents.htm" are being altered to "click here" where e:/myfiles/current is the folder in which the pages reside on my laptop.

When I then copied the pages to my PC to download them to the server, they were on the PC's d:/ drive. I always run a final check before downloading them, and it was then that I got the error messages and saw that all the references were wrong. I've never used absolute (full) references for links to my own pages because (a) I don't know what the drive and path would be when they're residing on the server and (b) I didn't think it was necessary if all the files are in the same folder.

I did some more coding last night on my laptop, and a lot of references have changed in the same manner yet again -- so it's nothing to do with copying the pages to my PC. My laptop is running Windows ME, and my PC is 98SE.

  stlucia 10:08 29 Jan 2004

That click here was unintentional -- it was "http:/// e/myfiles/ current" (without the spaces).

  PurplePenny 20:40 29 Jan 2004

In the code itself?

  stlucia 08:52 30 Jan 2004

After another coding session last night I noticed that as well as the <a href ...> links being altered, the layout of my html code is also being modified -- I try to lay it out so that it's easy for me to follow, such as by starting a new <p>...</p> statement on a new line. But when I preview the page on my PC using Internet Explorer (off-line), and then go back into Notepad to do some more editing, the lines of code which I carefully separated have been merged with others.

It must be Internet Explorer that's trying to "correct" my code because I'm not on line while I'm developing it, and I only have Explorer and Notepad open. Is there some way to stop it doing that?

  PurplePenny 21:34 30 Jan 2004

I don't even understand how/why it is doing it in the first place! Maybe one of the others has an idea 'cos' it has me stumped.


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