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  Lol36 23:59 22 Jul 2003

I recently bought a software called Inksaver, But I noticed that it stops the cartridge monitor from warning you on how and when the cartridge is empty, only time that I know is when the paper is blank, it use to work o`k until I install this. can you tell me what can causes this problem,and is there any other way around this.
I have a canon photo inkjet 330 printer, and I run windows XP Home.

please could you let me know on what you think.

thank you.

  Bebee 00:38 23 Jul 2003

Hi Lol36

I am running InkSaver on one of my printers (Canon S600) and have not had this problem (Windows ME). It could be an XP problem. I would try uninstalling the printer and reinstalling, making sure you have the latest drivers from the Canon site (click here).

It might be worth checking the InkSaver site for support as well. Can't remember the address (I'm not on the PC where it's installed) but I think there's a link from within the program.

Hope this helps.

Good Luck.

  Lol36 22:48 24 Jul 2003

In re-sponse to what you suggested about the inksaver, I do have the latest version of the printer drive, However I decided to get in contact with the company by email, and told them the same problem as I explained to you, And they return a email back to me,and this is what they said about it.

Inksaver does conflict with the canon print monitor, this is something we are aware of but are unable to do anything about it at this time, it does not effect the way inksaver works, and although it can be annoying, it does continue to save you ink.

So I dont know what you think about this, but I think if they are going to produce software it should not effect other problems like that, I mean to say, that people would still like to be warned when ink level is low so they can change the cartridge before continue with a lot of work, that why the manufactures invented a ink monitor.
I would like to know your view on what inksaver comments.

  User-312386 22:50 24 Jul 2003

did they tell you this when you purchased it?

If they did not and they knew of the problem then i would ask for my money back

  Bebee 23:16 24 Jul 2003

Obviously it doesn't conflict with all Canon printer software as mine works fine. I'm surprised as I have two Canon printers and the print monitor seems very similar.

I know the print monitor tends to warn very early and you can carry on printing for quite a while after, but it does mean if you have something important to print you can be prepared. If you find it a problem - I would find it very annoying - I think I would try and get the money back.

  Lol36 16:53 25 Jul 2003

I bought the software from a company called eDream, which I order it from there website.
It was the inksaver company that I asked about the problem, that they was aware of it, I dont know if eDream software company is aware of this which I will ask them as they test software on there machines to find out which is compatible for which windows to use them on, so I will see what they say about it, I dont know if I will get my money back or not, but I certainly was not told about this problem.

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