sodding kids lol

  grantee37 09:02 22 Sep 2006

I dont know who they have done this but im at a loss, somehow, thy have disabled the link to view photographs on some sites. All i get is a box with a red cross in the corner. Can anyone please help!!

  MichelleC 09:14 22 Sep 2006

Empty your Temp Internet Folder and see if this does it.

  grantee37 09:20 22 Sep 2006

its still not showing, when i right click on the mouse, the onpen link option is not highlighted

  ^wave^ 09:28 22 Sep 2006

try resetting the browser to its default

  Graham. 09:32 22 Sep 2006

Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, Multimedia, Show pictures, Apply.

  grantee37 09:34 22 Sep 2006

ok but i dont know how to reset the browser?

  VoG II 09:43 22 Sep 2006

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