Socket Types

  timothyt 13:39 01 Nov 2005

Okay, i used to be quite on top of all the processor socket types about a year back. Just getting back into all of this and have noticed many different types - 939, 754 etc.

Canb someone briefly explain all the major socket types for me ???

  Gaz 25 13:56 01 Nov 2005

754 is an older AMD socket, which was released to replace skt A.

However, AMD decided it needed more pins for it's latest processors, so 939 is now the latest - replacement for 754.

754 will not be supported for very long, and will be phased out when 939 becomes cheaper.

939 works at whopping speeds, and can support AMD Athlon 64 X2's etc.

:-) Hope that helps.

  Gaz 25 13:57 01 Nov 2005

I'm not really an Intel guy, so I'll leave that to someone else. Even though I know of what sockets they use, they have more complex methods, as the chipset must aslo support the processor - so you'll likely check that when you buy anyway.

  PC Bilbo 16:29 01 Nov 2005

To follow up on Gaz 25's input, Intel's latest socket for desk top home pc's P4's is Skt 775.

The advantage AMD has with it's 939 skt 64 bit processor technology is upgradability.

They not only run with less power (and heat) than Intel's 775 but the latest versions with two processors in one chip will fit the same socket 939 whereas with Intel you will need a new board as the socket will differ.

  timothyt 17:11 02 Nov 2005

thx for responses.

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