Socket A speeds

  Madrat 23:02 25 Feb 2008

My sister is looking to upgrade her Athlon XP 1900 CPU. What is more important FSB speed, L2 Cache size or the actual speed of the CPU

  brundle 23:37 25 Feb 2008

Important in what respect - speed or compatibility?
Compatibility with the motherboard is your top priority - you might find this useful; click here

  Madrat 23:38 25 Feb 2008

Sorry I should have said. In respect of speed. I understand about compatibility.

  brundle 23:42 25 Feb 2008

The most important is the processors `rated` speed, If you're trying to decide between a 333mhz FSB Barton and a 266mhz FSB Thunderbird at the same rated speed go for the Barton (assuming you have memory installed that is as fast or faster).

  Madrat 23:45 25 Feb 2008

So there is a big difference between 266 and 333FSB then. What about L2 cache? Is there a lot of difference between 256k and 512k?

  brundle 23:50 25 Feb 2008

Just go by the rated speed. Basically, faster and bigger is better with Socket A Athlons, but the same is not true of all processor architectures.

  Stuartli 08:01 26 Feb 2008

Details of Socket A (462) Athlon XP processors can be found at:

click here

I have the last of the Athlon XPs, a Barton core 2.2GHz 3200+, with 400MHz FSB - it's matched with an MSI KT6V LSR motherboard (MSI 7021) and still serves my needs pretty well.

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