Socket A Sempron v Athlon xp

  Madrat 15:35 02 Apr 2007


My sisters system is running on an Athlon xp 1900 FSB 266, I will shortly have a Sempron 2600 FSB 333 going spare, if I put it in her system will it make any notasable diferance or would it not be worth it? she is running 1gb of DDR333.

  woodchip 15:51 02 Apr 2007

Sempron is a poor mans Athlon, It will slow it down

  Madrat 15:56 02 Apr 2007

really, even though the clock speed and fsb are faster?

  woodchip 16:09 02 Apr 2007

Best way is to Bench test, or you could try PCPITSTOP click here

  woodchip 16:11 02 Apr 2007

Do it with the Athlon, then fix Sempron and test.Do not forget thermal paste on top of the CPU before fitting it

  Madrat 16:38 02 Apr 2007

I really didnt want to mess with the system if I could help it. "they dont like it up um Mr Mannaring" I didnt realise a sempron was slower than an older Athlon.

  Totally-braindead 16:45 02 Apr 2007

I'm not sure which would be faster, the Semprons were designed with less cache memory for one thing which slows them up. They are a budget chip same as Intels Celeron was a cut down version of the full Pentium.
Personally I think the difference would be slight whichever way it went. And as such I personally would be trying to decide if it was worth the bother.
Theres no harm in trying it, providing you are careful and it will only cost a bit of time and a bit of thermal paste.
But I think you might find the only way to tell the difference would be to run a benchmark program. I'd be fairly sure that performancewise they would be about the same.

  Madrat 16:55 02 Apr 2007

I think you could be right, A sempron 2600 is rated at 1833mhz with L1/L2 cache at 128k and 256k
the FSB is 333mhz the Athlon 1900+ (palomino)is rated at 1600mhz with the same cache as the sempron but its FSB is only 266mhz thats why I wonderd if the Sempron would be faster.

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