socket 370 processor compatability ??

  Never again 17:03 25 Jun 2004

My friend wants to upgrade his celeron socket 370 500mhz processor.

Can he use any socket 370 processor, eg p3, p4, athlon, duron, etc or does he have to stick to celerons.

Which is the best one for performance?

  Quiller. 17:42 25 Jun 2004

It will depend on his motherboard. A socket 370 board will only take cyrix, celeron and pentium 111's. Some boards are limited to a 100Mhz frequency, while some will go to 133Mhz.

A P4 or athlon will not fit into these boards.

It would be better if you could let us know the motherboard.

  Never again 21:37 25 Jun 2004

Thanks for the reply

I'll find out on monday and post again then.

  Never again 05:08 26 Jun 2004

The number on the motherboard is GA-66WMM7 rev1.5

Hope this helps


  TECHNODIMWIT 07:17 26 Jun 2004

as best as i remember,

the fastest cpu the board will take is 900mhz, and i doubt that you can buy a cpu that slow.

  Never again 07:39 26 Jun 2004

I'm looking on ebay for one.

Does this mean that a processor faster than 900 won't work at all or it'll just work at 900mhz.

and.... is this a worthwhile upgrade from a 500 celeron.

  TECHNODIMWIT 07:46 26 Jun 2004

the best improvement for the mobo is adding more ram.

"Does this mean that a processor faster than 900 won't work at all or it'll just work at 900mhz"

as for your question, i haven't a clue

  rotate 07:49 26 Jun 2004

You will find going from 500Mhz to 900Mhz will make some difference. I have just upgraded a friends PC using a P3 cpu from Ebay and they are very happy but you could buy a new P4 motherboard and P4 cpu from Ebay at half the cost so why not upgrade to P4 altogether.

  Never again 07:55 26 Jun 2004

I do intend to add more ram (it only had 64 to start with)and although your advice on a p4 mobo and processor is undoubtedly correct, my friend and I would prefer the quick convenient fix that the above 2 upgrades will give.

I'm going to stick to a processor under 900 whether this is a p3 or celeron,

Thanks again everyone

  Quiller. 09:01 26 Jun 2004

It looks as if you will need a 100Mhz one and not a 133.

and a 850 pentium 3 coppermine may be your limit.
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