So, who says installing a new Hard Drive is easy?

  lodger 18:38 10 Mar 2003

I've already upgraded my cd rom, and fdd, and memory, and AT psu, and cpu heatsink, on my ancient Intel socket7 motherboard with 233MXX and win95, so, is there any reason, apart from rapidly approaching senility, why I might find it difficult, if not impossible, to upgrade a 4.2 GB HD to a 20 GB one without buying any more hardware?

  A Pound of Sausages 18:41 10 Mar 2003

You'll need a Bios upgrade for that size of hard disk.

  A Pound of Sausages 18:44 10 Mar 2003

"Bios UPDATE" I should say.

  Peter 18:58 10 Mar 2003


If you are using Windows 95 OSR2 then it should recognise the large disk size (assuming you have updated your BIOS), but if you are using OSR1 then you will be limited to a 2 Gig partition size.

There are programmes to get around the possible BIOS limitations, but a BIOS update is a better (faster) way.


  lodger 06:22 11 Mar 2003

I've been offered an 8GB hd, should i be able to use that one without a bios update? i have 4.2 gb now

  cream. 06:49 11 Mar 2003

If your current hard drive is not split in to partitions eg. c= 4.2gb. Then you should have no problems installing the 8gig drive.

Do you intend to use the new drive as the only drive, to boot windows from?

If so just check the jumper settings on the back that they match your current drive. Switch every thing off and unplug power and ide ribbon cable from the back of the hard drive, making a note of which way they were inserted. Undo the screws and slide out old drive. Just slide new drive in and connect up. Now boot up and check in the bios that it is recognized.

Now you can format it and install windows.

If you wish to use the new drive as additional storage eg slave.

If your main drive is set as primary master then set the new drives jumpers as slave. Insert in to a spare bay next to the hard drive. Connect the spare ide ribbon connector,from the old hard drive and a power lead to the drive. Boot up and check in the bios that it is recognized.

Boot to windows and select the new drive in my computer. Right click it and scroll down to format. You can then format the drive if you want.

  cream. 07:03 11 Mar 2003

As to your question "So, who says installing a new Hard Drive is easy?"

This old codger says it is.

As to bios limitations they come in at




If your current hard drive is a 4.2gig single partition disk then your bios will be, at least, in the 8.4gig range.

There will be no reason to update your bios and anyway this is a very tricky \ sometimes fatal thing to do.

Even if you decided to install a larger drive than 8gig. They are other safer ways to do this rather than flashing the bios.

  lodger 09:10 11 Mar 2003

Great! a lotta useful info, i feel much more confident now, i do mean to use the new drive as the primary drive, also i see that in my bios page, there's an 'auto detect hdd' option....... so, im gonna go for the 8gig, which to me is a huge disk, probably more than ever i shall, i owe you one........if ever i happen to be riding by just as a necktie party isabout to send you to Valhalla, then i promise to shoot the rope, :))

  cream. 09:55 11 Mar 2003

That'll be Friday at 11.00 lol

  lodger 19:27 11 Mar 2003

Practising my aim right now, damn nag refuses to stand still, oops....... keeps chucking me off...anyway I'll post an update on my HD adventures by Saturday, hope it's not too late..:))

  lodger 19:13 15 Mar 2003

I've installed the new drive as primary master, it seems to be recognised in the bios, jumpers seem ok......booting from floppy...I get as far as the magic words; 'windows setup is initializing' but then i get a message which refuses to go away........'windows setup requires 730000 25oo bytes free on your c drive'...........where have I gone wrong? with the installation i mean............

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