So what IS XHTML??

  ade.h 18:13 17 Sep 2005

I'm fairly new to web design (it's one of the aspects of computing which has not been relevant to me until a friend asked me to help him create a business website recently.) But hooked on it now, so I need to do some reading.

I've heard very little about XHTML, so what kind of format is it? How will it affect web design in the near future? And how will my design software (NOF8) adapt to it, if necessary? Where can I find out more about working with it (books and websites)?

Any light thrown on this probably quite complex subject is much appreciated.

  PurplePenny 19:29 17 Sep 2005

Xhtml is HTML expressed as XML. It's a half way house between HTML and XMl and is supposed to replace HTML. It uses the same tags etc as HTML 4.01 but follows the strict rules of XML.

Take a look at the tutorial at W3Schools click here

  ade.h 22:43 17 Sep 2005

Many thanks PP. I'll do some reading!

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