So what shall I do now? any thoughts please?

  [email protected] 17:46 10 Feb 2007

...the story so far (in a nutshell) fed up with paying too much for my Pipex Broadband, requested upgrade several times via e-mail, no reply so asked twice for MAC code- no reply, sat on phone line many times without getting through.
Today I finally got through, they offered to Upgrade me to 8 MB connection capped at 2GB (which is just above what I use) for £14.99 but on a year contract (currently paying £22.40 for 2mb connection)but I asked for MAC code, which takes 3 days to generate and I have to ring back back for it!!!Also, bizarrely told me it was no good requesting upgrades or Mac Codes or anything via e-mail or from within My pipex, as it wasn't as "secure" as phoning. i tried pointing out the irony in an ISP provider saying this but it was lost on the chap, he kept saying, "I know we are supposed to be in an age of technology but ..." !!
So do I stick with Pipex to save the hassle of new e-mail addresses and router settings etc despite feeling a little aggrieved with them. Or do I pay Zen more for same connection but only a month's notice so could move on again if I wanted to, or if BE became available in my area?
or go to Waitrose and pay them £4 a month extra but have the allowancecapped at 5Gb so no worries at all on useage.I'm all of a dither and getting a headache :(

  Diversion 17:58 10 Feb 2007

I had the same problems with Pipex, now I'm with these click here.

  [email protected] 18:13 10 Feb 2007

Thanks I'll have a good read of the Talk talk website

  ed-0 18:40 10 Feb 2007

As for your MAC code. If they don't give you it on demand, it may be worth reading this. click here

As from the 14th of Feb, 4 days time, they should give you it on demand and non of this mucking around as they usually do.

  nocto 19:36 10 Feb 2007

Debe, I came out from them and went with BT, having phoned with a problem which was an Indian call centre. I'm not racist but come on, as me being a geordie and her speaking poor english you can imagine the conversation. When they could not fix the problem from their check sheet they put the phone down on me.(twice) So be warned they is worse places to go too...

  [email protected] 20:46 10 Feb 2007

So nocto where are you now (as it were!) I also detest Foreign call centres as everything takes so much longer as the comprehension of everyday phrases and language isn't there (& there is no admittance if something you have said has not been understood, just a repetition of the same, usually irrelevant, question).I understand Zen and Waitrose have excellent customer service but don't know through firsthand experience.

  Dipso 22:14 10 Feb 2007

I would leave...the customer service experience would have been enough to persuade me! OK there's the inconvenience of changing email addresses but you could consider a web based email address to prevent future issues. The routers settings although daunting, in reality only take a few minutes to sort out.

The 1 month contract providers are a good idea as if you're not happy you can just leave again. I've never been with any provider with more than a 1 month contract for this reason.

Zen have a great reputation and Be are doing well, can't say I've heard much about Waitrose to comment. Any of the first 10 here click here are worth considering as is Newnet (no. 11) who also offer a 1 month contract and reasonably priced packages with 3 or 12 Gig inclusive allowance. I've been considering migrating to them myself.

Good luck whatever you choose!

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