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  Chris the Ancient 10:23 20 Dec 2006

I am getting rather fed up with virgin }o((

My line is for ever dropping out and although I'm supposed to have a 2Mb service I usually have downloads of 300k. On v-e-r-y odd occasions I've achieved 1Mb download! The daft thing is that my uploads are a fairly steady 350-400kb which is what I expect!

But the constant drop-outs and slow downloads are getting to me. It's not what I'm paying for.

I have completely reset and checked out my router (Netgear wireless DG834G with the wireless bit disabled) and it gives a download line in the region of 2.5Mb.

So, I have tried contacting virgin - the only way is through their email service (or a very expensive looking 0906 number - ouch - which I am reluctant to use!); but no answers to my emails.

I have even asked for my MAC so that I can change providers. No luck there either! I want to leave them now because of their bad service, but without a MAC, I can't even do that.

Does anyone know of a cheaper number that I can ring that may get me some help?

I'm out again until late this afternoon/early evening. And IF I can log in, I shall pick up then.



  Miros 10:32 20 Dec 2006

Enter that number in here click here It's the say no to 870 web site but it may also work for that 0906 number. Good luck.

  Miros 10:36 20 Dec 2006

Just had a shearch my self see click here

  Miros 10:38 20 Dec 2006

Sorry that link didn't work, just type in virgin to the first link.

  The Brigadier 10:41 20 Dec 2006

I'm a virgin customer and since going from half MB to 4MB it takes ages to get connected. I'm really considoring changing after 7 years with them. The help line just tell you to re-instal the modem drivers.

May be they dont care and we should switch to another provider??

  Miros 12:52 20 Dec 2006

From Valentine's day nest year all will change re: mac numbers see. click here

I have had AOL for past three years and just upgraded to a wireless router and it's just got better and better, hardly ever drops a connection and if it does it's back on again immediately, what's more done a deal with them and I'm getting their Silver service for only £9.95p a month! after I had quoted Tiscali's current offer.
Silver is fast enough for my needs.

  Miros 12:53 20 Dec 2006

Nest= Next

  Chris the Ancient 17:14 20 Dec 2006

Thanks for the feedback guys.

I have actually managed to get an email out of them (but I can't send a reply to it - yet (darned useless service!) and they have given me a number that I can ring to get my MAC out of them. So, I've achieved stage 1. Fortunately it's not an 0870.

The Brigadier...

Like you, I used to have a good service. But it's just degrading progressively all the time. That, along with the lack of 'support' (I use the term very loosely), makes them an also-ran now.

Sky broadband is coming extremely soon to here, and as a Sky user, I can get a good rate from them. I shall look at other ISPs as well, but it IS going to be bye-bye virgin!

I shall tick the thread for now.


  Chris the Ancient 17:18 20 Dec 2006

Interesting thread - but I don't think my sanity will last that long!

But at least I have a number of the department that issues MACs at virgin now!

  Chris the Ancient 10:55 23 Dec 2006

Reloaded my wireless router/modem twice. No luck. Still reports that it is OK.

Replaced the microfilter, in case. No luck.

Temporarily hooked in my old speedtouch modem supplied by virgin. I have download speed again!

So, it wasn't really virgin after all. Though that doesn't forgive the lack of help that I was given.

Because of that poor support, I may change away from them - but I'm not in so much of a rush now.


  Chris the Ancient 18:39 27 Dec 2006

I received a very unhelpful reply to my original fault report (dated 12th December) on Christmas Day.

Now is that s-l-o-w or what?

The speed is now no problem - but the drop-outs still are!

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