SANAP 18:14 21 Jun 2004

I currently use a 4 year old crt flatscreen monitor and it is perfect. I got a 2nd pc and specifically requested the same type monitor ie Ultrascan but it is not flatscreen, it is a convex image ie bowed and as I switch between pc's it is doing my head in. I have had 2 replacement monitors but one had a power fault and the other was worse than my existing. I note on my present monitor that it has 2 wires across top and bottom, you cant see them unless you look, but the new monitor does not have these wires. My Q is Have I been sold a pup ie it is not proper flatscreen? And if I go and get a different model should I check for the 2 wires as a good indicator that it is flatscreen? I am thinking of the Diamond Pro 930SB but concerned that it mnay not be truly flat.

I am in a remote area so cant go and check it out first.


  Dorsai 18:42 21 Jun 2004

Every flat screen monitor, and tv too, that I have ever seen always looks to me to be producing an image some what bowed. maybe it's that we, the user, get's used to the distortion introduced by the crt we normally use, so a screen lacking that distortion looks distorted in comparison?

I have just recently been working at another brakch of the Co. i work for and they all have flat panel LCD's. The image they produce looks realy distorted to me, being used to crt's at home and at my normal branch. it looks to me like an hour glass on it's side, fat at the ends and thin in the middle.

As for the two wires you can see, they are used on some large monitors to support the 'apeture grill' in place within the crt. it's a vital part of the monitor, but the monitor is too big for the grill to be able to support it's own weight, so they add the wires to hold it in place (i believe). I think this grill was introduced in the first place to make flat screens possible to start with, but may be wrong.

  SANAP 18:56 21 Jun 2004

Thanks for reply, it could be that I am used to the current screen but to me it is flat and a joy to use. The new one is not flat. I am doing a bit of research and apparently the old monitor was made by Sony and the new ones are not. I may get the old one from ebay and take a chance. To be honest I thought that this CRT technology was now at its peak and assumed that all CRT'S that said things like ultrascan, and had dpi of 25 or better would give a nice flat image. The 1st replacement from DELL had a flatter image and I would have taken it but it had a power fault. I am not sure they will give me any more choices.!!!


  961 19:00 21 Jun 2004

Well I've got a Diamond Plus 93sb and I have to say it's great. Best screen I've had yet. Is it flat? Well, you may have seen a thread around here not so long ago saying it wasn't, and, to be truthful, I don't think you will find an absolutely flat screen but quite honestly this is not something that bothers me

I can see the wires if I look for them. Just. But again you find you never notice them in real life

  Dorsai 19:05 21 Jun 2004

Don't want to try and teach my Grandma to suck eggs etc..But if you go the eBay route be prepeaired for sellers who arn't quite sure what thay are selling.. you'll have to work out how to tell the difference (Easily, so any one selling the Crt can answer corrrectly) between the sony one and the non sony one...Best of luck. I know from experiance how frustrating it can be when manufactures change the product, but still call it the same thing!

  OU812 22:53 23 Jun 2004

I was the man behind why arn't flat CRTs flat post that dorsai is referring to. However I note that you say you are interested in the 930SB not the next model down the 93SB which I brought (and fortunately got fully refunded for under the distance selling regs).

I wont rake over the traces as to why I was very unhappy with the 93SB but to get to the point I wonder if your dissatisfaction is caused by purchasing a 'flat(ahem!)screen CRT that is considerably larger than your old monitor which to your eyes may accentuate any curvature in the screen.

For whats it's worth the 930SB has had good reviews. You might also like also like to check out the 19' Lacie Electron Blue IV and Liyama Vision Master Pro 454 both of which retail for around the same price point of £240-250 pounds and likewise seem well regarded. I can't personally vouch for any of them though since its TFT's all the way for me now.

However you really want to view these monitors in action, since at around 25kg they are not cheap to ship back if you decide they are not what you want(I was fortunate that the supplier -Jigsaw -picked mine up at no cost).

  SANAP 23:44 23 Jun 2004

Thanks for replies. The screen is the same size ie 17" as these things are heavy! I was thinking of getting a TFT because of the weight issue and was set on the 17" or 19" Liyama Prolite E431S but then read about, dead pixels,response time in ms?? and other things that I have forgotten. As I am in a very remote area I dont have the luxury of being able to try one out and then send it back. I use PC a lot, read newspapers, bulletin boards, digital photogaphy, games and so on, so like a nice image. I have seen a few TFT's in shops but I consider these conditions to be a bit false.

OU812 are you totally happy with your TFT and what can you recommend? I want to make the jump but as they are pricey I dont want to be disappointed.


  OU812 01:15 25 Jun 2004

Can anything match sporting wise watching England go out again for gut wrenching torment, sorry I digress.

Its difficult to answer your question other than to say that I have been happy with my 15' TFT which I have used for MS office and INTERNET surfing and for games and video playback (on a 80/20 split)

While my recent experiment with the 93SB CRT did show short comings with respect to fast moving images in games in all other respects I preferred my TFT given the predominant use to which I put it.

From what you have said re how you use your PC I think you will be more than happy with a TFT so long as you buy wisely. By that I mean not just relying on reviews but making the effort to a see a monitor in the flesh before parting with your cash. Also if you like to play fast moving games you need to be looking at at least a 16ms response time which rules out (for the time being at least) 19' TFTs and should narrow your choice with respect to the current crop of 17' TFT's.

If you do choose to buy blind then of course you can fall back on the distance selling regs which give you a 7(working)day cooling off period which starts from the day after you receive your purchase. However the goods will have to be returned in the same condition as which they were received and you will more than likely have to pay the shipping costs back to the supplier.

Yes you will take a price hit in that a 17' TFT will cost you probably £80-100 more than any of the 19' CRT's I mentioned above. While personally I think the cost to be worth it (having tried to save money on a CRT and been disappointed) only you and your budget vs what you are and are not prepared to compromise can ultimately decide it.

  Diodorus Siculus 03:04 25 Jun 2004

Maybe a red herring but is the option of using a KVM switch a runner for you? That way you always look at the same monitor!

  SANAP 09:16 25 Jun 2004

Thanks for great reply. I dont know what a KVM switch is?? but PC's are in different locations.

Oh the football, lady luck not there again and with that referee you had no chance. World cup is next and ROONEY will be??? 20, my word cant wait.


  Gongoozler 10:34 25 Jun 2004

NEC-Mitsubishi say that the Diamond Pro 930SB uses their DIAMONDTRON™ Natural Flat crt. click here. I have a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 720 with a Diamondtron NF crt, and the face is so flat I can place a ruler against it and not detect any curvature. The image it gives is superb.

The problem with monitors described as flat is that it means whatever the maker wants it to. The natural shape of a crt face is a section of a sphere centred at the electron gun. Any flattening from this is described by manufacturers as "Flatter". Even the Diamondtron is to some extent ruled by this, but Mitsubishi use a clever optical trick to flatten the image to the viewer.

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