SO desprate guys about Limited or No Connectivity!

  themoss 00:50 17 Apr 2006

hey Guys, but i'm so desprate! i have been nearly 3months now trying to solve this problem.
i have bought a wireless PCMCI card (3COM) to my laptop and an E-Tech wireless router to connect to my telewest broadband internet. i have bought two different cables from ebay to be one crossover and the other stright,i know now that i should use only the stright one(but still dont trust ebay sellers really!). i couldn't access into the router as it should be by usuing click here but when i do that nothing come up apart of that offline messgae. well, but my windows XP couldn't detect any wireless network near by so i had to use Wireless Zero Configuration which allowed windows to detect the wireless network but with Limited or no Connectivity, actually i found when i remove the cable that between the modem and the router,the same message came up,Limited or no connectivity! yeah i know that solution switching off/on the router,modem or even restart the laptop will solve many problems. but nothing worked!! that router has been used by one of my friend and i'm not sure what he did to it to be honest!can he setup a password that i can't get access to it!? would by reset it solve the problem!? well i have reset it but still the same.
i'm sorry guys but i really hope any one can help me in this! i'm just fed up of it.


  mgmcc 08:11 17 Apr 2006

1) Power everything off, including the Cable Modem. The modem should be left without power for a couple of minutes - this is important so that the modem releases the association between your existing network connection and the IP address it allocates. It will detect a new network device and allocate a new IP address.

2) Connect the Router's WAN (Internet) Port to the Cable Modem's ethernet port with a straight-wired network cable.

3) Connect the PC's network adapter to one of the Router's LAN ports with a straight-wired network cable.

4) Power on the Cable Modem and wait for it to boot fully with 4 lights on. Power on the Router and wait for it to boot fully and indicate that it is online. Finally boot the PC.

The PC *should* get an IP address automatically from the Router. If the Router's address is then the PC should get an address in the same range. If it is unable to get its IP address from the Router, Windows will allocate a default address in the 169.254.x.x range, which will give you a "Limited or No Connectivity" indication and you won't be able to access the Router or get online. If this happens, try giving the PC's Local Area connection fixed addresses:

IP address

Subnet Mask

Default Gateway (the Router's IP address)

DNS Server address (the Router's IP address)

Now open your web browser and enter the router's IP address - - which should open its Setup pages. If, after resetting it, it is still password protected, the router must have a default password and you will have to find out what that is. Did you get a manual or CD with a manual in PDF format with it?

  themoss 17:31 18 Apr 2006

sounds very good mate,i couldn't read your comment yesterday because the website wasnt work.
i'll try all that tonight after i finish work.i just felt that i need to thank you so much
and i'll let you know what happened tomorrow morning before i go to work.
my kindest regards

  themoss 09:40 19 Apr 2006

I have done exactly what you said, yeah i can see a bit different for the 1st time,such like it took longer time for win xp to start and there's a new shortcut icon appeared in my desktop for wireless network. but the problem still the same,LIMITED OR NO CONNECTIVITY, as you said exactly mate,when i key ipconfig/all in dos command,it appears that the computer setup an IP which is not for the router. i have amended the IP manually but it didn't work!apart of the limited or no connectivity icon changed to CONNECTED but there was no connection,yeah i have also tried key in click here and again,nothing at all.

any help please please O:-)

  themoss 09:41 19 Apr 2006

just something to say, i don't have any other PC connected by cable to the router, only wireless one

  mgmcc 13:04 19 Apr 2006

What IP address does the computer have when you run IPCONFIG /ALL in the Command Prompt window?

  mgmcc 13:08 19 Apr 2006

Typing into a web browser will only open the router's Setup pages if that is its IP address. Different manufacturers use different addresses: Netgear (I think) Linksys Belkin

192.468.11.1 Buffalo

Some routers operate in a subnet, so you need to find from the router's manual, the IP address it uses.

  mgmcc 13:10 19 Apr 2006

<<< 192.468.11.1 Buffalo >>>

Oops, should of course be - can't have 468!

  themoss 22:38 19 Apr 2006

i have tried again when i came back home.
the same, not luck at all! :'-( i'm getting desprate again, the IPCONFIG/all give the follow:
host namt...................: ngr-y84rqxx
primary Dns Suffix..........:
Node Type...................: Unknown
IP Routing Enabled..........: No
Wins Proxy Enabled..........: Yes

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection 11:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix :
Description........: 3Com OfficeConnect Wirless- 11g PC card (3CRWE154G72) #2
Physical address...: 00-12-A9-14-7A-82
Dhcp Enabled.......: Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled....: Yes
Autoconfiguration IP Adress..:
Subnet Mask..................:
Default Gateway..............:

that's all it gives.

by the way, when i type click here in the browser,i just get nothing,that suppose to connect me to the router but nothing came up.

i have disabled the wired connection(which i'm using now) but that again didn't work.

  mgmcc 23:43 19 Apr 2006

As I said in my original reply, if the adapter cannot get an IP address from the router it will get a default "169.254" address from Windows and that's exactly what has happened. However, I see you are trying to connect with a "wireless" adapter. Have you initially connected to the router with a *WIRED* connection in order to set it up?

With a 169.254 IP address, you will not be able to access the router's Setup pages. If necessary, use a fixed IP address such as Subnet Mask but do use an ethernet cable initially.

  themoss 23:52 20 Apr 2006

i will have to buy another stright cable as i have only one now.
by the way, i have tried to use a fixed IP address with but it didn't work,it showed there's connection but no internet access nor access to the router.
i'll try to buy one at the weekend and see what happen.

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