sniping software

  jon2 11:12 12 Jun 2010

anyone got any tips for sniping software, free version if poss.

  Fingees 19:17 12 Jun 2010

Just google sniping software, and take your pick

  john bunyan 19:22 12 Jun 2010

W7 has a built in one.

  tonyq 19:23 12 Jun 2010

So has Vista

  rdave13 19:43 12 Jun 2010

Hmmm. Confusion reigns between sniping software and a snipping tool I think :).

  hastelloy 01:40 13 Jun 2010

I use hammersnipe click here

  Peter 10:34 13 Jun 2010


I use "Snippy Screen Capture Tool". It is very similar (identical?) to the Snippy tool in Vista.

Available from click here .


  john bunyan 11:04 13 Jun 2010

I think you are right - snipping tools are a replacement for "print screen" whereas sniping software assists in auction sites like e Bay.

  Sea Urchin 11:30 13 Jun 2010

Exactly - snipping and sniping - two different words :@)

  hastelloy 08:52 15 Jun 2010

So where has jon2 gone? Will Miss Terry ever be solved?

  jon2 09:27 15 Jun 2010

many thanks for your comments

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