Snapshot of screen doesn't work. Help,please?

  GloriaM 09:27 13 Jun 2009

To have a snapshot of screen I used to press on Print Key, then open a new Word document and paste (ctrl V) onto it.

Unexpectedly this procedure does not work anymore - when paste onto Word document the result is just a white rectrangle, looking as if I copied something white. No image whatsoever.
I suspest some adjustments in Word must be done,perhaps?

Can someone tell me how to fix step-by-step this problem and be able to make screen shapshots again?

I have Vaio laptop running on XP
Thanks in advance !

  wee eddie 10:17 13 Jun 2009

Save it in Windows Paint first on your Desktop as a .jpg file, which is usually found > Search > All Programs > Accessories.

You could save it as a .bmp but the file size is usually unnecessarily large.

  LAP 10:39 13 Jun 2009

press on Print Key. Open Paint/Edit/Paste.

  Sea Urchin 12:29 13 Jun 2009

After you press the Prt Scr key go to Start - Run - type clipbrd and OK. Is your required image showing on the clipboard?

  LAP 18:37 14 Jun 2009

How did you get on?

  mfletch 19:11 14 Jun 2009

The print screen is very limited anyway so why not download this free and very good screen capture program you wont regret it,

Bug Shooting is a free screenshot utility

click here

  amyfleur 19:56 14 Jun 2009

Similar but one step better:

Press PrtSc

Open Paint

Paste using Ctrl V or Edit / Paste

Crop the area you want to use (using square crop tool)

Copy using Ctrl C or Edit / Copy

Go to your word document OR email document OR powerpoint document OR Excel document.....

Paste using Ctrl V or Edit / Paste

It works and you can crop just the area you need

  Zak 20:15 14 Jun 2009

click here

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  chub_tor 20:27 14 Jun 2009

If you have Vista then the simplest way to do this is to use the Snipping Tool which allows you to copy all or part of the screen you are on to the clipboard and also to save it as a jpeg or one of several other file formats. click here

  GloriaM 09:55 15 Jun 2009

Well guys all tips are OK as alternative (thanks for this!)
my goal is to find what caused this inability of Word to work as usual,

So far Word document keeps producing a white rectangle with handles instead of displaying a real image.

I believe that something in the setting of the Word itself needs to be adjusted...

Any ideas from experienced Word users,please?


  wee eddie 10:02 15 Jun 2009

The reason that most of us don't store our Screen Shots in "Word" Document is that they can be so large, when compared to a simple .jpg

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