Snap Crackle and Pop

  dougal720 10:56 21 Apr 2006

Hi Guys I'm wondering if anyone can help...

I just went to turn my PC on and then after a second or two there was a popping sound and it completely stopped working. There is now a strong electrical smell coming from it.

I have had a look inside and everything looks ok (i.e. no burnt looking parts). It struck me as if there was a power surge in turning it on and a fuse blew. Unfortunately I have no idea if PCs have fuses or where they are even though I can roughly find my way around the inside of a computer.

Any ideas anyone...

  ACOLYTE 11:12 21 Apr 2006

If it was the PSU that blew,then you will need a new one there are no servicble parts you can mend.If it was something other than the PSU the only way to see properly would be to strip the pc down and take out the Motherboard and examine it close up both back and front.

  rmcqua 11:18 21 Apr 2006

No, a blown fuse would not create a burning electrical smell. I think you may have a more serious electrical failure within the PSU (exploded elctrolytic capacitor probably). It's not repairable - you need a new PSU.

  Belatucadrus 11:18 21 Apr 2006

Does it do anything, Lights fans etc. or is it completely dead ?
If dead and you've done the obvious and checked the plug fuse, the PSU may have gone. If it has and you're lucky, just replacing it will do the job. If you're not and as you say there's been a surge, it could have taken any number of other components with it. Diagnosing what could be fun.
Always fit a surge protector, generally UK power is nice and consistent so we get complacent, but surges and spikes still happen and there's no comparison between the cost of a surge protector strip and a replacement PC.

  amonra 11:27 21 Apr 2006

Fit a new PSU. If it works, OK. If not, bin the whole lot, it isn't worth the hassle of fault-finding on a board. Even if you can nail it down to one card, the others have probably been damaged, so save yourself a lot of hassle and buy a new one. Sorry.

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