SMTP problem in Thunderbird

  coinneach 19:31 03 Feb 2008

When I try to send emails in Thunderbird, I'm told "Sending of message failed. An error occurred sending mail: unable to connect to SMTP server The server may be down or incorrectly configured. Please verify that your Mail/News account settings are correct and try again."
I've been through this and other rituals with BT with no satisfactory result. I noted that a moderator on the Thunderbird forum concluded some time ago that the problem was probably due to Norton. This doesn't apply in my case because I have the same problem on 2 networked computers and only one of them uses Norton!
Can anyone who has a fix for this tiresome glitch please let me in on the secret. (Fortunately Yahoo Mail is unaffected by this, so I'm not in purdah yet!) coinneach

  brundle 19:43 03 Feb 2008

Server name is probably, drop the smtp. bit

  brundle 19:44 03 Feb 2008
  octal 19:44 03 Feb 2008


  octal 20:18 03 Feb 2008

By email from coinneach:

"Hello Octal Thanks for your suggestion but I'm afraid I've been there several times without success. coinneach"

If you would mind posting replies in the forum please so that everyone can help you, because I'm not sure what else to try, thanks.

  coinneach 20:35 03 Feb 2008

Just to confirm that the two suggestions so far have been to modify the SMTP address by dropping the smtp bit. This has failed to solve the problem.
There is something strange going on, because in the past I have always been successful in using - with or without my username preceding it.


  brundle 20:44 03 Feb 2008 doesn't exist so I have no idea why it worked before, unless there was some redirection or something.

Can you ping Start menu/All Programs/Accessories/Command prompt



press return

you should see something like this

Reply from bytes=32 time=61ms TTL=55
Reply from bytes=32 time=63ms TTL=55
Request timed out.
Reply from bytes=32 time=60ms TTL=55

  harps1h 21:21 03 Feb 2008

while you are at it, check the pop3 settings are

  peter99co 21:29 03 Feb 2008

Is it not and

  woodchip 21:39 03 Feb 2008

Can you setup your SMTP in Outlook Express then try sending, if it goes import settings into Thunderbird

  coinneach 12:30 04 Feb 2008

ping statistics: sent 4 received 4 lost=0 (0% loss)
approx. round trip in milliseconds:
min=58ms max=93ms average 78ms. (TTL was 49)

does this tell us anything, brundle?

I've tried Outlook Express, woodchip, but this won't work properly, either!


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