smiley central

  Madrat 02:02 28 Feb 2009

I know some peopl hate this but I dont. For some reason no matter what I do I cant download this. My security setting list it as a restricted site. I have tried removing it from the list but I still cant get it. What am I doing wrong??

  User-1229748 06:06 28 Feb 2009

what operating system,anti virus and spyware,and firewall are you using?

  User-1229748 06:33 28 Feb 2009

actually i've just done a search and it is spyware which may be why it won't download.i would look elsewhere for your smileys :o)

  ronalddonald 07:12 28 Feb 2009

there fiatman and smackheadz are you both colluding to do a wind up on pc advisor or is it just that fiatman says this which could diss damm diis what exactly r u trying to remove.

Now go back areread what you both written to make some sense in what ya waana talk about okey dokey

  Technotiger 07:45 28 Feb 2009 .... there is no space between smiley and central.

smackheadz ... it is not spyware, I know several people who use the 'fun' emoticons.

  tullie 08:03 28 Feb 2009

Have i missed something?

  Stuartli 08:13 28 Feb 2009

A website I have deliberately avoided for some years.

As for ronalddonald's posting. Bizzare.

  Stuartli 08:17 28 Feb 2009

Early in the am...

  Madrat 13:50 28 Feb 2009

I have managed to get it by downloading webfeti I just hope I dont need to contact there help as that still comes up as a restricted site. Very strange.

  skidzy 14:02 28 Feb 2009

webfeti and any Funweb association is a real pain and can/will slow your machine at some point.

Just a little something to enlighten you click here

  Madrat 14:24 28 Feb 2009

Have used them for years and not had a problem didnt download them after last rebuild because I never got round to it until now.

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