Smelling of smoke

  Ollyolly 19:54 06 Jul 2006

My son put the PC on this afternoon and while booting up it started smelling of smoke. He put the PC off.

When I came home I put the PC on. No display on the monitor but no burning smell either.

I hoped it was the graphics card. I swaped it with another that works on another PC only to find the same result, no display. I also noted that there was no POST beep. I put the replacement graphics card back into the other PC and that PC still works.

Have I reached the stage where the motherboard may have developed a fault? It is a Gigabyte GA7VA. Or could it be the CPU? It is an Athlon XP2200.

Anyone any thoughts?

  Devil Fish 19:58 06 Jul 2006

are you getting any power to the system at all if not it may be worth checking the psu before looking at mobo and processor

  Ollyolly 20:00 06 Jul 2006

Devil Fish
Power is being received by the PC. CPU fan spins, hard disk light on front of case comes on.

  Digital 20:34 06 Jul 2006

Nasty! Try carefully inspecting the mobo for evidence of burning. My own experience of fried cpu chips &c is that it'll be very obvious. A more likely candidate is the power supply; to inspect this you'll have to remove it then open it up. If either are faulty repairing them is probably not an option I'm afraid.

  Ollyolly 21:01 06 Jul 2006

Thanks for your thoughts.
I'll try substituing the power supply and let you know.
Having thought a bit about what you have said do you think that some of the supply voltages from the psu may be OK and others faulty?
I say this bearing in mind the cpu fan spins so does the extra case fan. The CD drive light comes on as does the hard disc light on the front of the case.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:03 06 Jul 2006

do you think that some of the supply voltages from the psu may be OK and others faulty?

Yes a strong possibility PSU most likely to fail first, cheapest option to replace.

  Ollyolly 07:44 07 Jul 2006

I'll try a different psu this evening, thanks for your input.

  keef66 09:10 07 Jul 2006

I can confirm this; a colleagues pc would boot slowly, then intermittently, then not at all, but had lights on and fans spinning. Swapped out the the psu and hey presto, fully functioning again.
(By which time he'd got bored and bought a new one from Evesham, so he let me keep the old one! -networket it to ours and now play LAN Counter Strike with the kids)

Let us know the outcome!

  Ollyolly 12:34 07 Jul 2006

Thanks for your comments. I'll try swapping the psu this evening.
Keep your fingers crossed that I am as lucky as you were!

  Ollyolly 21:01 07 Jul 2006

Just tried another PSU from a working PC. Same result.
CPU fan spins as does the case fan, hard disc tries to start, CD light comes on, RAM LED comes on.
No POST beep and PC does not start.
I think this means the PSU is likely to be OK.

I'm down to the motherboard and the CPU.

Question 1. Could a fault develope in the motherboard which burns out the CPU, or vice versa which means I need new of both?
Question 2. Should I try replaceing the motherboard or CPU first if the replacement of one is an option?

Any thoughts anyone?

  woodchip 21:09 07 Jul 2006

PSU with 230 volts would do that So hopefully it may only need a new PSU

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