Smartphone Choice

  morddwyd 09:42 11 Dec 2010

My smartphone, Xda Zest, is running Windows Mobile 6 on O2 Pay and Go.

Win Mobile has just about been left behind at the moment and I am thinking of changing to another o/s.

Any recommendations or even personal preferences between Blackberry, Symbian or even Google for future proofing?

  bremner 09:59 11 Dec 2010

If your budget does not stretch to an iPhone then either the HTC Desire or Wildfire (depending on budget) would be my choice.

They run on Android and offer many apps through the Andoid Marketplace.

  morddwyd 10:14 11 Dec 2010


Budgeting up to £300.

  bremner 10:23 11 Dec 2010

The Wildfire cabn be had for about £130-180 and the Desire £350 here click here

  Woolwell 11:29 11 Dec 2010

Recently changed phone and compared the HTC Desire, Nokia N8 and Samsung Galaxy S. Decided that Blackberry wasn't for me as most had a small screen and was unsure about signing up for Blackberry e-mail. I needed more information about it. Symbian appeared slower but a good camera on the N8. Android 2.1 and then upgraded to 2.2 swung it for me. Good OS plus allows tethering which I understand Windows Phone 7 doesn't. Samsung had the better screen but no flash. I have a good camera so went for the Samsung. Samsung predictive text is very good.

  morddwyd 17:43 11 Dec 2010

Don't need the camera, or much media, and don't know what tethering is!

However, with my continuing sight problems screen size looks like being a major factor, and decent PIM handling - I use Pocket Informant and Pocket Breeze.

Thanks for the responses so far.

  Woolwell 18:12 11 Dec 2010

I suggest that you go in and have a look at the screens. Some are bigger and brighter than others. I find that the built in diary and contact manager is fine and sync the diary through Google calendar. I think that Samsung have good screens but their PC sync software Kies is imo fairly poor.

  morddwyd 19:19 12 Dec 2010

Thanks for the suggestions.

I have already looked at screen sizes, I need a minimum 3.5in.

Unfortunately most of what's available is either smaller than this, is not offered on an O2 PAYG contract, or is out of my price range!

Just have to wait for the next generation to appear, and the current generation to drop in price!

  morddwyd 16:57 15 Dec 2010

This may seem a bit of a basic question, but some areas of modern technology are a bit of a closed book to me!

Further to my comment above about some handsets not being available on my network, if I purchase a sim free phone of my choice, is it just a matter of transferring the sim from my current phone to the new one?

I appreciate that I may have to tell my network what I have done.

  bremner 17:00 15 Dec 2010

So long as you confirm the phone is unlocked then it will take the Sim. I see no reason why there is a need to inform your provider.

  morddwyd 10:32 16 Jan 2011

Final update - narrowed it down to the Galaxy S and HTC HD 7 (Windows Phone 7), and finally went for the Galaxy.

Thanks for the help.

Still suffering culture shock at the move from Windows to Android, but no doubt in a year's time I'll find it difficult to use Win Phone!

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