bloodnock 11:06 17 May 2006

Can any one help me stop This annoying pop up box when my PC starts up. It Reads as Follows..

"SMARTBRIDGE ALERTS:BT HelpNotifier.exe-Entry Point not Found

The Procedure entry Point get Processs image FilenameW could not be located in the dynamic Link library PSAPI.DLL"

How do i get rid of it, its Driving me nuts...

Thanks JL

  €dstowe 11:15 17 May 2006

Are you on BT Broadband with the latest software?

If so, try un-installing the Broadband Helper software then (possibly) re-install.

You don't need that software for BT broadband to function so, you can leave it out if you wish.

  €dstowe 11:17 17 May 2006

That should be BT Broadband Desktop help. An Unistall feature is provided with the program.

  steven_frost 22:39 17 May 2006

I have the same problem but on since i've installed IE 7 i think its related to that so till BT release an update have to live with it

  bloodnock 10:43 18 May 2006

I too Have IE 7 but only Intalled it to try and remedy this problem which was an issue even with My Previous IE 6.......Strangely enuff it Manifests itself even if i disable the Report ERROR APPLICATION in the SYTSTEMS feature, the dashed thing Still appears....JL

  ACOLYTE 11:01 18 May 2006

Maybe this will help?

Late Breaking Notes and Issues in Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2:

The following open issues in Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 may be addressed in Beta updates and in the final release of Internet Explorer 7. We are mentioning them here because we think they may impact Beta 2 customers. The information applies to all Microsoft platforms, unless the note specifies content unique to Windows Vista or Microsoft XP SP2.

SmartBridge -- SmartBridge is distributing an old version of PSAPI.DLL. As a result, users may receive the following error message after installation of Internet Explore 7 Beta 2:
SmartBridge Alerts:MotiveSB.exe Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry point GetProcessImageFileNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library PSAPI.DLL

To work around this error:
Navigate to the installation location for SmartBridge (\Program Files\Verizon...\Smart...)
Find PSAPI.DLL and rename it to something like PSAPIOLD.DLL
Reboot the system
The program will find the new PSAPI.DLL in the \Windows\System32 directory and function normally.

Taken from:

click here about

  €dstowe 14:19 18 May 2006

You still don't need to have BT Broadband Desktop Help installed so if you don't wish to mess around with trying to get it to work, remove it.

  colin1953 23:47 17 Sep 2006

I also experienced pop ups after downloading Explorer 7.

Do as it says in THE message by ACOLYTE.

But if you are a blueyonder user like me you will find the file psapi.dll in c:drive/program files/blueyonder IST/Smartbridge.

Again change file name to psapiold.dll and the problem should disappear.

  Mike D 08:10 18 Sep 2006

Saved for future use


  bloodnock 10:24 18 Sep 2006

Thanks Everyone for your Assistance, i got on to BT Yahoo Broadband help on the phone and they linked their system to my PC for Diagnostic purposes and came the conclusion the best thing i could do was uninstall all BT YAHOO components and browser and install the OPERA Browser in its place, this cured it, however OPERA wasnt my cup of tea and i now use the Mozilla Firefox browser which is heaps faster than the BT Yahoo one was and causes me no grief with these error messages and i still Get to Keep BT YAHOO as my homepage after i SIGN in.

  RonnieHotshot 10:51 31 Oct 2006

Thanks ACOLYTE. After I upgraded to IE 7, my BT help decided it wanted to upgrade, which is when I got the error message. I found the PSAPI.DLL in Program Files\BT Broadband Desktop Help\SmartBridge folder and renamed it. When it re-booted the problem was gone.
Thanks Ronnie

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