Smart FTP software query from a web novice

  spanneress 16:46 01 Jun 2004


Have to go to a customer tomorrow and this is his query: "I have been told to use smart FTP Software to send information to our internet home page site but need help to set up and under stand the procedure for the future!"

I installed and manage their network but web design etc is not my forte..they have a web page located somewhere??? and wish to move or host it elsewhere I think. Is this the correct software for uploading a web page?

Any pointers gratefully received as I don't think my spanners will sort this one.


  Taran 18:53 01 Jun 2004

At the risk of appearing unhelful, the Smart FTP site has lots of actual info on using the product.

The homepage is click here and a list of 'how-to' articles is click here

In essence, what happens with FTP is the web host/ISP/network manager issues a Host Address (location on or name of web server), username and password to access the account.

Often this may be the same as the domain name or it may be something completely different, depending on how the host has their servers set up.

You create the connection in the FTP program to the web server and when it successfully connects you will normally get a Windows Explorer view of the computer you are on.

Browse to and highlight the files you want to upload and clck the upload button.

Unless your web host tells you to upload to a specific folder or you have file/folder permissions to set up or FrontPage server extensions to worry about it really is that simple. The hardest part is often creating the connection to begin with by inputting the correct Hots Name, User Name and Password.

  spanneress 19:06 01 Jun 2004

Thanks Taran. Between posting and your reply i had visited the website and printed off the useful textfiles. I looked at the flash lessons too which seemed very basic..quite generic commands.

I think the customer cannot put into words exactly what his requirements are which makes my job harder, coupled with the fact that I do absolutley no web work..I am working on the assumption that he wants to upload some files to his existing web page. If this is the case, this software looks like the right tool!

Errr..just in case..are you on line in here tomorrow?


  Taran 19:38 01 Jun 2004

I'll be in and out of the forums tomorrow the same as most days.

If you get stuck post a message or email me. In fact, if you want to email me before tomorrow I'll reply so you have a direct email contact address which could speed things up slightly. I always have my email client open whether I'm in the forum or not, so...

  Taran 19:41 01 Jun 2004

Some web hosts offer instructions and suggestions based on certain software. I'd imagine that it could well have been a web host that told hime to use SmartFTP for uploads.

SmartFTP is also free for Personal, Educational and Non-Profit Organization use.

  s3mt3x 20:00 01 Jun 2004

FTP = File Transfer Protocol

FTP is just a fancy name for a set of commands that transfer files accross a network (in this case the internet). When you have a website, the files (that visitors to the site will see) are stored on a web-server. To get these files from your computer, after editing/creating them, onto the web-server you will normally use FTP. In order to do this the web-server must be running an FTP server (software that listen's for FTP clients). Smart FTP is an FTP client that will connect to an FTP server and enable you to transfer files to and from the server. In order to do this, you will need to know the ftp's server address - usually click here. You will also need the authentification details i.e. username and password for the ftp server. Smart ftp is a good little tool and has an interface much like windows explorer. As soon as you're connected to the server, click the toolbar button - "Show client window" which shows the files on your computer. Drag files from here into the server window to upload them to the web space.

  Forum Editor 22:40 01 Jun 2004

a little more closely, because something doesn't sound quite right.

"......send information to our internet home page site" isn't something that's as easy as it sounds. The HTML files that go to make up a web site are separate and complete in themselves, and one of them (usually referred to on the server as index.htm or index.html)is the homepage. This is the file that a web browser looks for when it accesses a web on the server, and unless the homepage navigation hyperlinks function correctly the site will not work.

If your customer is going to use FTP he will presumably be sending a revised version of the homepage, which in turn means that he will have to have made the revision(s) in some way. In view of your comment about the customer's lack of knowledge it seems almost certain that the revisions will have been made in a software application of some kind, and usually these web-design applications can transfer HTML files to the server directly - you don't need to use a separate FTP program.

I know this is all beginning to sound a little complex, but in fact you might save yourself a whole lot of faffing around if you can get some more detailed information. If the situation is (as you think it might be) that the customer intends publishing an entire site to a new server then indeed it might be just as easy to use FTP to transfer the files - he'll need to be sure that he has all the necessary files (including images), and that they are transferred to the right server location in the right way. Images are transferred using a different file transfer protocol to text - both via FTP. Good FTP programs recognise the different file types on the fly, and amend the transfer protocol automatically, but not all of them do.

See if you can get the full story, and then come back here for more help as and when you need it. One or another of us will usually be around to provide whatever you need by way of advice or help.

  spanneress 08:54 02 Jun 2004


You people are seriously helpfull. I am going to e mail him now for some more info (in his Franglais) and go to 3 other calls then take it from there...

Thank you as big as a Ferris wheel.


  spanneress 13:58 03 Jun 2004

Hi..I didn't go the other day but am going tomorrow..armed with the information that he has web pages constructed for him in HTML on a CD and he wants to upload them to the company that is going to host them for him. And I only got that after quoting the FE!!

Messing around with the web is totally not my thing but I am willing to give it a go..

  spanneress 19:06 03 Jun 2004

Thank you thank you. I am printing this and taking it with see..I wouldn't have know this stuff!

what a wealth of precious info it is on here.

Thanks loads....A virtual beer (or cocoa if that floats your boat) to you all...

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