SMART Failure predicted

  Pier1 11:49 06 Nov 2004

Stupid move:
Trying to copy a CD-ROM onto hard drive because a scratch stopped me from reading the sodding thing.

Resulting predicament:
PC crashes and despite working ok since, the following error message appears on startup
"SMART Failure predicted on Hard Disk... Immediately back-up your data and replace your hard drive. A failure may be imminent. Press F1 to Continue"

In my stubbornness I have been pressing F1 for a couple of months, but now a proper look at it is well overdue. I have backed up all my data and am ready to try anything to rescue the drive.

Is there any way of doing this, to prevent buying a new hard drive? Might reformatting do anything? (about to try that now...) Any other ideas?

  ///A M G 12:04 06 Nov 2004

Saddly, if its a Dell, its gonna go wrong now, or very soon.

Thats why SMART is there. If you have extended warranty or have had the computer for under 1 year, they will fix it free.

  Pier1 12:17 06 Nov 2004

It's an HP Brio machine, but I upgraded the hard drive to a Maxtor 60Gb jobby a couple of years ago. Of course the easiest thing is to shell out on a new one, but I want to try and avoid that if poss...

  ///A M G 12:20 06 Nov 2004

Try this then:

Reformatting the hard Drive.

And Possible partion the hard drive. 30Gb and £3Gb

If not, I would reccoment buying a new HDD, 60Gb would now only cos about £30-50

  Pier1 12:37 06 Nov 2004

Cheers, having a go...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:39 06 Nov 2004

Before you reformat

Try a Scandisk and defrag--- SMART adds up bad clusters and reports faulty at a certain level scan and defrag may recover those clusters and the message will disappear.

  Pier1 15:43 07 Nov 2004

Thanks, but I have already repartitioned from 3 drives back to one and reformatted. Message still there. I'm about reainstate c,d and e partitions and reinstall XP, then I'll defrag. However I originally defragged as soon as the problem first appeared and it made no difference so I don't expect it will this time.

I'll carry on using the PC for now while looking for a replacement hard disk, my stuff's backed up anyway.

In the mean time other ideas are still welcome!

  Rayuk 17:04 07 Nov 2004

Have you checked the warranty on it could be for 3 years
Best thing to do is download Maxtor diagnostics run it see if it comes up with an error code.

I beleive with Maxtor you can give them your card details and they send out a drive then you send rma drive back to them within a certain time and your card doesnt get debited.

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