Smart bridge Alert:

  tez01 15:03 10 Oct 2007

Can any one advise on what seems to be? a multiple problem.

Quick rundown.

Broadband connection was very slow.
Reinstalled BT Home hub.
During process the installation prog: decided to un-install BT desktop help.
2 hours later the hour glass still spinning around.
Switched off computer.

Second prob:

Now when I Left click mouse on desktop folder or program short cut the Windows SEARCH RESULT window appearers.
If I left click the mouse every thing HANGS and the only way out is to re-boot.
Spent 5 hours with BT on the phone. Could not help (no surprises there then).
Spent 3 days on MS Knowledge, No answers there? (Obviously taken lessons from BT)

Now getting to the point of throwing the PC from my third floor window.

Help save the live of my PC by responding.

  birdface 15:14 10 Oct 2007

Normally the smartbridge alert is a bit of a nuisance But it only runs when you start your here but that will not be slowing down your computer.It happens mostly with Bt and NTL customers and it will tell you on that click here how to stop it from showing.

  Technotiger 15:16 10 Oct 2007

Go to Start>Search and search for PSAPI.DLL and rename it to something like PSAPIOLD.DLL

Reboot the system, the program should find the new PSAPI.DLL in the \Windows\System32 directory
and function normally - hopefully!

  birdface 15:17 10 Oct 2007

Can you do a system restore to a date before you made the changes.

  birdface 14:05 11 Oct 2007

Hi tez thanks for your E-mail,But you must post it back on her so others can see. Date: Thu, 11/10/2007 | 13:53 Message Thank you for your response. I have already used regcure and other reg: cleaners. did not help. BT, via there remote access have already solved the pro: of the warning message and I no longer get it. but still have the file prob: many thanks for you help. Tez
Unfortunately I am unable to help with your other problem but I am sure someone else will be able to help.Have you tried a system restore to a date before the problem stared.Or try Safe Mode[Just keep tapping F8 As your computer starts] Scroll up to Last good configuration and press enter[you will have to use your keyboard up and down arrows.]See if that helps.

  tez01 14:17 11 Oct 2007

buteman... thanks for that, but have already used Regcure and other reg: cleaners and it did not do the trick. I no longer have the Alert come up any more as the guy at BT, via remote assistance cured that prob: as regards to RESTORE, for some unknown reason the restore prog:, keeps telling me it can't, regardless of which restore point I choose? Many thanks for your response. Be happy, Tez.

Technotiger... thank you too for your interest, I have done the search as instructed and have found 5 (five) of the pesky dll's 1 in Program files, 1 in Windows service pack, 2 on BT Broadband help files, and 1 in Acrobat reader? Which one? or all? Also I will not be able to check in the \Windows\System directory, as I can not access any of my folders with this prob: Many thanks, you be happy too. Tez.

  tez01 14:20 11 Oct 2007

buteman... Yes sorry about the Email mix up, I now have got the hang of it... Many thanks, Be happy, Tez.

  birdface 15:01 11 Oct 2007

Only if you smile and give your face a holiday.Sometimes if you use Norton Or Zone Alarm,[Now I hope I have this right, Turn off your Firewall and then see if you can access your restore point].Or try My computer.Right click C Drive. Properties.Tools. And check the 2 squares,Start.Your computer will automatically reboot and then run the test.It takes about an hour so maybe better doing it at dinner time or whatever.Worth a try.

  tez01 12:45 12 Oct 2007

Hi Buteman, thanks for your help. tyred shutting off fire wall, restore, re-boot, but still got the "system not restore" message. I then tryed shutting down Norton all-together, but that still did not work. As regards to the C:/Properties/Tools, bit. I can't do that because if I right click, nothing happened other than the spinning hour glass and everything freezes, and the only way out is to re-boot. But like you said, worth a try. Many thanks, Be happy, Tez.

  birdface 13:06 12 Oct 2007

Will your computer start in safe mode.If it works Ok on there you could try last known good configuration or the C;/Properties tool bit.That might work.Just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts and see how you get on.

  birdface 13:22 12 Oct 2007

Now do you have Norton I/Security or just Norton Anti-Virus.As a last resort and you have Norton Internet Security installed,Delete it.Run Norton Removal here you have to use the removal tool to get rid of it completely,Then run C Cleaner .then reinstall Norton.Once again if you cannot delete it in normal mode,Try in safe mode.If you manage to do it,and it still does not work it is just one thing less to worry about.I am afraid Norton can cause a lot of problems thats why I don't like it,But that is just my view.Anyhow keep at it and i hope you manage to fix it.I would have thought that others may have came on to give you better advice than I can give.But don't forget and give your face a holiday.

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