Smallworlds website for children and adult material advertising

  Audio~~Chip 10:30 07 May 2013

Hello My son has started using a website called Smallworlds and i have found out within this website there are a large number of Adult advertiting porn associated with Small worlds website. This website is targeted for teens and has the adult porn adware with it. What confuses me why is this risky adult material part of a younger persons website.

Personally i think its wrong and would like other views please. Is there a way maybe to remove these bad advertising links of the page. Do any of your younger family members use it and do you have any concerns maybe.

The website for Smallworlds is here at the Registration screen.

  Woolwell 11:23 07 May 2013

I suspect that you cannot view the ads without playing the game. A brief search of their forum shows that you are not alone in being worried about the adult level of the ad videos. The forums also indicate that adblock plus works on blocking them.

  spuds 11:52 07 May 2013

I think this is a sign of the times, so to say. While it is fully acceptable to some, it sure will not be for others?.

Recently I had a 're-direction' problem with my bank's website, because I made a very slight error in the browser title. Notified the bank in question, about a possible 'hacking' risk,first by telephone attempt, then letter, and it wasn't worth my bother, they were not really interested, except to perhaps point out it was a stupid customer's fault by making a possible mistake?.

Having just tried the Smallworld website, I found that Adblocker Plus did seem to help.

  spuds 11:54 07 May 2013

Should have perhaps mentioned, the 're-direction' was to Adult material and Adult chat lines (all for the sake of missing a dot in the browser title).

  Audio~~Chip 21:58 07 May 2013

Thanks Jock1e, Woolwell, Spuds for your thoughts and relpies! Personally I think the website master would be better advertising places like Alton Towers, Disney Land or Ice Cream other than adult material. But that will never happen.


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