Small scrolling frame - how?

  gplatt2000 12:51 09 Aug 2003

Hi there, sorry for the bad description in the post title, want sure how to describe it. My website is click here, all in tables, and where the main text is (in the main grey box between the two lines), I want lots of text but without making the overall size of the page bigger. I want the reader to be able to hover their mose pointer over n arrow or similar in the aroner of the main box , making text scroll up/down in and out of view (sorry about the bad explanation, I have seen this done before somewhere but cannot remeber, if i find the site i will post it). Does anyone know how this can be done? Thanks a lot in advance, Gavin

  gplatt2000 12:58 09 Aug 2003

Here is a similar thing to what I want. click here
If you click on 'The Show Report' under 'Getting Started' in the menu to the left you will see what i mean. As you can see, there is a lot of text, but the red arrows let you scroll it up and down, keeping the overall [age the same size. This is what I want, but to fit into the grey box on my site. Hopefully now my post makes more sense, any help much appreciated, thanks a lot.

  Keith 19:26 09 Aug 2003

The example page seems to be a table within the main page with attribute "scrolling=yes". This generates a scroll-bar where content exceeds table (or cell) size. The scroll-bar looks non-standard because of the CSS definition of the scroll-bar attributes within the Head tag. R-click the page, do View Source and check it out. You can even copy and paste the code into a blank page of your own to experiment with. Hope this helps, Keith

  Keith 19:48 09 Aug 2003

.... sorry, I should have said that the table contains frames pages with "scrolling=yes". You don't need the table, this is a device to contain the frames pages within the body of the main page. So it's just frames with whizzy scroll-bars as defined by the CSS code within the head tag. Keith

  gplatt2000 23:25 09 Aug 2003

OK, thanks a lot mate. But my site is all in tables, not frames, is thre a way of doing the same but for cells? Thanks a lot mate

  AndySD 06:47 10 Aug 2003

Its done using flash.

Or you can try using Swish which is simpler to use... click here there is a free 15 day trial.

  gplatt2000 10:35 10 Aug 2003

I have Flash, but am not sure how you do what I want?? Any advice much appreciated, cheers

  Keith 11:03 10 Aug 2003

The author of your example has created what are know as 'inline frames' within a table on the page. Inline frames are a device to create frames (or 'floating frames') within a page. Note that inline frames are only rendered by IE 3 or later.

By creating inline frames (or you could more easily create frames pages) he has two 'containers' - one for the menu, one for the content, each capable of scrolling individually. Rather than use standard boring old windows scroll bars, he has used CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) code to re-define the look of the scroll bar. You don't need to do this - but it looks good within his overall design.

Tables, which you use for tabulation/layout, reside within the frame (or inline frame). Think of the frame as a page in its own right - you then code your content within it.

You do not need Flash. Flash was not used to create the scrolling effect. The banner at the top of the page was created using Flash.

If you have FrontPage or Dreamweaver or any other proprietary code generation software learn about frames and inline frames from the Help or Tutorial. Hope this explains things better. Keith

  gplatt2000 12:29 10 Aug 2003

OK, thanks a lot Ketith, I willhave a read through Dreamweaver's tutorial tonightm, cheers


  The Musicman 17:15 10 Aug 2003

this is very simple to do.

just make a page with the content in (ie text), then add in IFRAME. the code should look like this:

<iframe src="content.htm" width="400" height="300"></iframe>

  gplatt2000 22:50 10 Aug 2003

Thanks a lot for yoour help evryone, I have used the code MuicMan gave me, and now Ijust need to experiment with the stylesheets thing to get the scrollbar how I want it. I have also found this very useful as I can now update everything using Word. Thanks a lot guys!

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